Monday, May 14, 2012

State of the Leagues for FBV

Just a quick update on the leagues I participate in this year. Comments on what I did right, who I drafted that was a bust and some trades I pulled off to date.

Currently 1st place in my 12 team H2H Dynasty League with daily line-ups. I have won this league the last two years and am off to a great start again this year. Some of the better players I picked up in t he draft were Jordan Zimmerman, JJ Hardy and Kelly Johnson. All have performed better than expected. Later I picked up Luke Scott off waivers; actually I picked him up in every league I could. Also plucked Zito very early off waivers once I noticed he had changed his deliver from years past….seems to be working too. The one trade I made was giving up Wandy and Lowrie for Ben Zobrist. Too early to see if that trade from last week will pan out in my favor. I dropped Marmol in this league earlier than most would have and tried to be current & quick when new closers become available.

Currently 4th place in the 12 team Fake Teams sponsored H2H Points league. Like I discussed early this week it took me a couple of weeks to realize the importance of SP in this league. I try to stream a couple every week in this weekly line-up league. Haven’t made many acquisitions beyond a new catcher and putting Stephen Drew on the DL to date; not a single trade offer has come my way. Not sure if it is because the other managers or just the points league mentality. I have dropped nearly all Closers in this league and continue to cover the wire for SP with high QS to their credit.

Former keeper league that I had won 3 years in a row. We redrafted this year and it has a no inning limit with weekly line-up changes. Currently I am in 3rd place 17 points behind leader. This was a team I was counting on Josh Johnson to carry my pitching staff. To date I am last in Ks and Wins. Other stats I am well above average. Also have Sandoval and Gardner on DL. Maybin is another bust but I have not dropped him yet. Becauase of the no inning limit it is a streamers paradise. I have not streamed as much as I should, trying to protect my ERA and WHIP (10 and 8 points respectively). Once I start climbing in Ks and Wins I have a shot at winning this league. Core hitters with A-Gon and Hanley will contribute, nice pick up of Middlebrooks when Panda went down. No trades to date.

Yahoo money league. Currently 1st place by 2 points. I have been steadily climbing the ranks in this league every week. This was a team I thought I was short on power and maybe above average in pitching at best. To date I have dominated the entire league in pitching. My staff consists of: Felix, Wandy, Peavy, Latos, and Gonzalez with Paplebon picking up saves. I recently made a trade, picking up Pujols, Choo, and Sergio Romo for Billy Butler, BJ Upton and Huston Street. I took me a day to pull trigger on trade because I was not sure about Pujols and Choo’s slow starts. Then I told myself…its Pujols and you are in 1st place. Another league I picked up Luke Scott and recently Riddick.

Fantasy Game Day's daily league that had auction draft. This was my only auction draft this year and I missed out on all quality 1B and I mean ALL quality 1B. I drafted Goldschmidt and dropped him by mid April. Over the past few weeks I have been throwing in Reynolds and Chris Davis from Baltimore at 1B. Weeks has been a huge bust for power, BA, and SB too. Those players have been my biggest downfall in production. Currently 9th place and 24 points behind. Not many points behind for 9th place and still like the rest of my team. Currently last in Average at .234 so far. My pitching is solid and I have made it a point to keep close to the innings pitched predictor. 9 of the 12 teams are over the limit pace; some by as much as 70 inning over to date. That alone will help me gain ground in the dog days.

So, take a gander at my teams, leagues, and feel free to offer up any suggestions. To date I have:

Two 1st places

One 3rd place

One 4th place

One 9th place

I will give a special post to my only ESPN team later and all the trouble I have had with it.

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