Monday, June 25, 2012

New Closer to Grab…If You Dare

With Frank Squared going on the DL it time to showcase the “closer” of the future in Gotham. Parnell has been speculated as the apparent successor to Francisco and now that Francisco is down for a couple of weeks with a bad oblique he gets his chance.
Remember last year when K-Rod was moved and everyone jumped on the Parnell bandwagon…except yours truly who guided you over to Isringhausen instead.  Well there is no Isringhausen this year. That means it’s all Bobby for the next couple of weeks. The question is do you want him? With a career 4.16 ERA and a WHIP at a buck and a half is it worth chasing a handful of saves to possibly have your ERA and WHIP suffer? What Parnell does bring is Ks. At almost 8.4K/9 he has that swing and miss stuff you want from your closer.  On the other hand he walks too many for my taste, he is now posting a 3.75BB/9 for his career. He also has twice as many blown saves as saves.
 Personally I do not see the Mets playing as good as they have been the rest of the year and I see some major regression (and losing) in the Mets future. One stat I saw yesterday was that they have 150+ runs scored with 2 outs…in 70 games that’s phenomenal and unsustainable as well. Over the next two weeks the Mets have the Cubs, Dodgers, Phillies, and Cubs which is a cupcake schedule so if Parnell gets some chances he should succeed. If he falters early just remember I warned you.

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