Friday, July 20, 2012

A Look Inside...Astros&BlueJays Trade

By Corey R. Cunningham

Early this morning, the Astros and Blue Jays completed a 10 player deal, that sent 7 players to the Astros. There was no blockbuster trade occurring here, however, both deals could help each team in the near future. The deal included players from Toronto going to Houston: RHP Francisco Cordero, OF Ben Francisco, minor league players Joe Musgrove, Asher Wojciechowski, David Rollins, Carlos Perez and Player to be named later in exchange for South Paw J.A. Happ, RHP Brandon Lyon and David Carpenter headed to Toronto.

This trade will boost the minor league system for the Astros, and it is a good thing, as their minor league system is depleted to say the least. They have good prospects but only a hand full at best, although a team is 9 players playing together, so lets see how they shape up going forward; they will be an American League team next year in the AL West.

I believe the Astros have won this deal, as it never hurts to try to reach for the stars with prospects who could turn out to be stars, and nonetheless give up nothing in return for the gamble. My motto: your not winning with them, so why not move them. This regarding J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon and David Carpenter; I once believed Happ would turn into a decent No. 3 starter, however, his one year wonder with the Phillies turned into nothing special.

Cordero, once a household name in Cincinnati, will bring some great experience with him to Houston, although, it is not known if the Astros will sign him for next year, and he could possibly take over the closers role and bring back Brett Myers to the starting rotation. Ben Francisco had his best years in Philly, and I believe he will be nothing more than a AAA star, yet in Houston, with a depleted roster and a young one at that, he will probably get the nod somewhere in the OF corner.

Houston will continue to boost their minor league system, and it is only a plus to do so, although I don’t think they will be much more active on the trade block as they like their young stars on the MI Altuve, and Lowrie as well as J.D. Martinez and if Brett Wallace comes around they will have a solid young 4 players, and Jonathan Singleton lurking in the minors.

Houston’s needs: Catcher, SP, 1B.

Toronto Needs: SP, RP

Houston Trade Grade: C+

Toronto Trade Grade: C

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