Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tigers and Marlins Trade Review

By Corey R. Cunningham

Yesterday we learned the Tigers were seeking a SP and a 2B, many rumors flew around the sports network, yet only one came true. The Tigers were interested in making a swap with the Diamondbacks; Johnny Peralta for Stephen Drew, however, the deal never happened, instead the Tigers pulled the trigger and traded their top pitching prospect Jacob Turner and 2 other prospects Rob Brantly, and Brian Flynn to the Miami Marlins for RHP Anibal Sanchez and 2B Omar Infante.

Last year during the trade deadline when the Tigers acquired RHP Doug Fister the Mariners were interested in Jacob Turner and according to the Tigers he was, “untouchable”. I am not exactly sure what had happened to Turner’s “untouchable” label, but it may be his 8.03 ERA, 1-1 record, and 1.95 WHIP. Turner had very similar numbers in 2011 in the same amount of games, I guess in Detroit you only get 3 games to pitch a year, and if you fail you’re traded.

The Marlins also acquired C Rob Brantly who was at AAA Toledo, where he was batting .254, 11 R, 33 H, 4 2B, .295 OBP, and .285 SLG. Also sent to Miami south paw Brian Flynn, who started just one game at AA Erie for the Tigers, however, looking at High A Lakeland stats, 8-4, 3.71 ERA, 102 IP, 42 ER, 84 K, 1.422 WHIP, and 7.4 K/9.

As far as the return the Tigers received, I believe they could have gotten RHP Josh Johnson in return if they were going to give up their top pitching prospect. Instead they settled for middle man of the rotation RHP Anibal Sanchez who has a 3.94 ERA, 5-7, 110 K, 33 BB, and a 1.26 WHIP. Anibal will have to adjust quickly going to the AL, as his last 3 outings during interleague play were unsuccessful, going 0-2 in 3 appearances and giving up 13 R in those 3 games.

Detroit went after a familiar 2B in Omar Infante who was signed by Detroit and started his career there. Infante will add a decent bat in Detroit’s lineup, and more than likely be a leadoff man or in the No. 2 Hole with Jackson, and moving Quentin Berry down to 8th or 9th in the batting order. Infante is hitting .287 on the season with 8 HR, 33 RBI, 42 R, and 10 SB.

This trade in my opinion brings Sanchez’s value down going to the AL where there is more power hitters and more hitter friendly parks, although it may raise Infante’s value going to a better lineup. One thing has me pondering why they made this deal, when just a few weeks ago the Marlins traded for 1B Carlos Lee. Now Josh Johnson is being scouted heavily, look for him to possible get traded soon, however, if I was Miami, I’d hold onto Johnson and work with Turner to have a nice future one-two punch.

Trade Grade:

Miami: B+

Detroit: C+

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