Friday, July 13, 2012

A Trip Around the Minors

By Corey R. Cuninham
AAA Pawtucket C Ryan Lavarnway: 70 G, 263 AB, 47 R, 81 H, 7 HR, 38 RBI, .308 BA 
AAA Columbus 1B Matt Laporta: 69 G, 254 AB, 45 R, 77 H, 17 HR, 43 RBI, .303 BA
AAA Las Vegas C Travis d’Arnaud: 67 G, 279 AB, 45 R, 93 H, 16 HR, 52 RBI, .333 BA  
AAA Indianapolis P Rudy Owens: 7-4, 2.89 ERA, 106 IP, 99 H, 34 ER, 12 HR, 76 K
AAA Buffalo P Matt Harvey: 7-4, 3.39 ERA, 98 IP, 87 H, 37 ER, 7 HR, 102 K
AA Binghamton P Zack Wheeler: 8-4, 2.62 ERA, 92 IP, 66 H, 27 ER, 1 HR, 88 K 
AA Jackson P Danny Hultzen: 8-3, 1.19 ERA, 75 IP, 38 H, 10 ER, 2 HR, 79 K
AA Springfield 2B Kolten Wong: 80 G, 314 AB, 48 R, 96 H, 7 HR, 34 RBI, .306 BA  
The above players are a minimal amount of talent that is currently playing in the minor leagues, all of which the above players will be in the Majors sometime this year for September call ups or perhaps start out the 2013 year on the MLB roster.
Pending on what type of league you play on, these players may appeal to you. If you play on just a random public league with no dynasty, or keepers involved, this does not apply. However, if you are a dynasty owner, pay close attention to some of the above named players. As time gets closer to September and the playoffs you will start to see each player making their first MLB appearance or perhaps get called back up from being demoted, such as Matt Laporta who is making a huge impact in Columbus.
In most if not all Dynasty leagues you will see owners closer to the end of the season, dropping non essential players for players on the above list and others for that matter to keep for next season for a cheap price. I myself will be eyeing up several players to drop in order to add some nice minor league talent for next year.
I have an owner in a league I currently play in, last year he gambled and spent two mid round picks on OF Mike Trout and OF Bryce Harper, and Trout only seen limited action in 2011. However, this year that particular owner made out with both prospects producing like superstars, and he should have a nice OF combo for a decade or so. You may hit a diamond in the rough, or you may just hit the rough on the gamble, but it is only a gamble, and it is worth taking. For instance, dropping a SP who is non essential, I.E. Jason Vargas right now, and picking up SP Danny Hultzen. Yes, Hultzen is still in AA, however, by 2013 he will be in the starting rotation, and he will more than likely get a September call up.
Remember the gamble is all there, you just have to take the risk, and hope for the best reward possible. It is your team, balance it how you would like, but keep this in mind, I believe to stay young and true to your roster, if you have ‘age’ on your roster, you need to factor that in for rebuilding.
Continue to have a great second half of the fantasy season, and if you are on the down fall in a keeper or dynasty league, move players who are mid level players and gain all the pick(s), and players you can for the following year, especially try to concentrate on gaining minor league picks.

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