Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Position Flexibility

With the season winding down and rookies being called up some players are moving around the diamond to fill injury holes and contenders need for their bat in the line-up. When this happens players gain unusual position eligibility. Here are a few names of players you may want to stash on your keeper/dynasty teams for next year. As you know having the flexibility of multi-position gives you an advantage in daily leagues. These players give you the ability to plug holes for the short or long term if needed. The one name that really sticks out is Prado. By the end of the year he could have all infield position eligibility. There is not another player in baseball with a .300 Average with 4 position eligibility.


Yan Gomes who qualifies at the moment at 1B and 3B could be eligible for Catcher by the end of the month. He only needs 2 more starts behind the plate. With JP Arencibia nursing an injury it will come quickly.


Dustin Ackley currently is a top 20 2B and was just one more start will gain eligibility at 1B.

Chris Johnson is on a tear in August with an OPS at 1.175, he only needs 1 more start at 1B to qualify.

Adam Rosales is a super sub with both 3B and SS eligibility. 2 more starts at 1B and he gains additional value going into next year.

Mike Olt was previewed by Corey here. He could be the 1B of the future for Texas. He only needs 2 more starts to qualify going into next year.

Martin Prado may be the most versatile player in baseball. With a couple of more starts at 1B he gains eligibility.


Adam Rosales like I said 2 inches above…additional value with only 1 more start at 2B too.

Martin Prado Ditto. If he gains 2B eligibility by the end of the year I am going after him in the off season thru a trade in my Keeper leagues.


Albert Pujols still needs 3 more starts to gain eligibility…doubt it happens but you never know.


Jean Segura should gain SS eligibility by month’s end to add some extra value going into next year if he can break camp as a starter. Here is the write up on him last month.


Eric Hosmer still needs 3 more starts to qualify…I would put this in the Pujols at 3B category.


Kris Medlen needs only 1 more start to gain duel eligibility. Should happen later this week. Though his low pitch count has kept him from capturing Wins. The Braves are pulling at the 75-80 pitch count.


J.A. Happ is coming out of the bullpen and needs 1 more relief appearance to go into next year with Duel eligibility. As a free agent he will get picked up for someone’s rotation in 2013.

Carlos Zambrano too needs 1 more relief appearance to qualify for RP. Is he worth owning? I had him on a couple of rosters briefly thinking the change of scenery and Ozzie would help him but I am convinced him time is done as far as Fantasy value goes.

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