Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trade Deadline

By Corey R. Cummingham

The trade deadline is coming to an end soon in every fantasy baseball league you play in, if it has not already passed. Look for this to be the most active teams will be all season, besides the FA wire.

If you need a SP, RP or offensive player, go get them. Give up whatever you need to get the player(s) you need. If you are on the verge of a championship team, then you have every right to give up what you need to, if its picks and players to gain the piece or pieces you need to become a championship team.

If you are on the verge of just being a playoff team, the chances of you acquiring a piece of ‘gold’ are slim, due to the price you will have to pay. You will more than likely need every piece you currently have in order to stand pat and join the playoff race. If you can upgrade, look at upgrading in small packages. Grab a "B" tier type pitcher and trade a "C" tier pitcher and a pick, small trades likes this will help you upgrade your team, slowly but surely for you to get into the playoffs.

Do not give up on your players just yet; give these guys a chance to perform, as you have about 3-5 weeks left of regular season play before the playoffs begin. Do not count out bad performances that have happened over the past two weeks as a predicting item that could occur in a few weeks where it will count.

Have faith in your playoff team, as it has stand pat during the whole season, no reason to doubt your current team now. Look over the FA wire one last time and before next week once the rosters expand for teams bringing up September call ups, there will be a diamond in the rough somewhere. If you are out of the playoffs, go ahead and sell, sell, sell. No reason to hold onto guys that you cannot keep, or perhaps grab draft picks for the 2013 season.

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