Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zobrist Gains Added Value

All you luck Ben Zobrist owners…like me, your favorite super utility man just qualified at SS to go along with his 2B and OF eligibility. I traded for Zobrist early in the season when his value was at an all time low in my Dynasty league. Remember when he was hitting under .200? I scooped him up for Jed Lowrie and Wandy; this was after I plucked Lowrie off waivers the week before.

This new position eligibility gives him so much more value. This instantly places him as the 9th best Fantasy SS overall. He now has the 2nd best OPS (.817) for SS with over 300 ABs, this is due to the many walks he generates. Always a consistent 15/15 guy who could either add a few more HR or SB depending on what his manager wants him to do and always contributes with Runs. He was already a top rated Fantasy 2B but now it is as if he cloned himself for fantasy owners. You just have to love mid season position eligibility upgrades. As you may have noticed from many of my previous posts on gaining position eligibility and flexibility I love this type of player!!

I looks as though Madden will continue to pencil Zobrist in at SS since he has yet to commit an error, so that guarantees us (Zobrist Owners) SS eligibility for next year. If you have a chance to pry him away from another owner in keeper/dynasty leagues you should think about overpaying a little to gain such a valuable/flexible asset. Currently owned in 91% of leagues he could even be wasting away on your waiver wire.

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