Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Astros and Blue Jays Are That Bad


If you are under your league max in innings pitched and want to stream SP the over the last 4 weeks of the season, here is some advice for you. To gain the most possible Wins and pick up some Ks you need to stream any SP that will face the Astros and Blue Jays down the stretch. Both teams have a team ERA hovering around 4.85 since August 1st; the worst in both leagues.  If you are in AL or NL only leagues this is a great late season strategy.

The Blue Jays are now without Joey Bats, Brett Lawrie and Rasmus has fallen off the planet. Rasmus has only 17 hits in his last 26 games with 33Ks. Not to mention Encarnacion is hitting at .250 since the beginning of August. For the Astros they are running out an average Triple A team on a nightly basis. One stat I put up earlier in the week was that Cinci had more wins in Houston than Houston had wins in Houston since the All-Star break. That’s pathetic. So take advantage of their anemic offenses and their horrendous pitching to garner yourself some needed wins.

Nearly every other day you should be able to pick up a SP from the wire who will be facing either the Jays or the Stros down the stretch. Run ANYONE out there with confidence a look for a win and some added Ks. Even if your guy gives up a few runs it will not hurt your ERA or WHIP this late in the season, but the extra Wins are so valuable. If you saved your innings pitched take advantage of the situation and pick up a good 6-8 extra Wins for your squad. I know I will.

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