Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Season Ending Record

Another season in the books; and another great showing from yours truly here at Fantasy Baseball Vision. With the 5 Leagues I participated in I had a 1st, 2nd, 4th, and a 5th place finish also included is a 10th in that Points League. See my feelings on Points Leagues here.
Nice payday here in my inaugural Yahoo Pro League, Daily Roto 5X5. I maxed out nearly every position player and innings limit down the stretch. This was one league I kept a hold on 1st place from mid-May on except for probably 3 days. It was no run-away as I had constant pressure from 3 other teams. I finished with 97.5 points good for a 1.5 point Win. I constantly hovered between 95 and 99 points most of the year. Great SP staff with King Felix, Jake Peavy, Mat Latos, and Brandon Morrow. Had Wandy for a time and streamed Estrada with Straily as much as possible. 12 in both ERA and WHIP.  Papelbon got me in Saves and finished with 8’s in W, S, and 9 in Ks. Best trade was in May when I picked up Pujols, Choo and Romo for BJ Upton, Billy Butler, and Street. Only finished with 7 points in HR but all other hitting categories were 11’s with an 8 in BA. Some key pickups throughout the season were Sheets for his first 4 starts, Napoli for the last month of the season. Another trade was giving up Gio in June foe Maurer and Broxton. Not that it hurt my team but Gio went on to have a fantastic year.  I would recommend a Yahoo Pro League to everyone.
This is my Dynasty League: Daily H2H 6X5 includes OPS. I had won this league the last two years. This year I once again made it to the Championship game and lost fairly convincingly. This league is allowed 5 pickup/drops a week and I used it to my advantage streaming SP as much as possible. It won me the K’s and W categories quite frequently. I did this because I traded off most of my elite SP for bats this year. I gave up Hamels for Lawrie and then gave up CC for McCutchen. I also gave up an aging Putz for Alvarez after I had stockpiled many Closers. Best draft choice was Jordan Zimmermann; this was after each team kept 15 players. I had last pick in opening round…great pick for a Dynasty League. If you are playing in a Dynasty League you should seriously consider joining/starting one.
This was Fantasy Game Days sponsored League. I finished 4th 14.5 point behind. This was Roto 5X5 Auction League. I did well drafting in this league but missed out on all top tiers 1B. I drafted Goldschmidt and he started the season off so bad I dropped him in May. I got crushed in BA finishing with a 3 way tie at .255 but only garnered 1 point. I was snake bit by Wins too, the hardest category to expect production from on a consistent basis. Coming out of the draft I thought my rotation was solid, CC, Johan, Ervin Santana, Edwin Jackson, Hellickson and Sale. But I could only manage a 3 point season in Wins. Every other hitting and pitching category was above par with 8R, 11HR, 9RBI, 10SB, 8S and 9s in Ks, ERA,and WHIP.  Great league and was happy I was invited to represent Fantasy Baseball Vision.
This was our previous 5 man Keeper League that I had won the last 3 years. Due to managers having so many poor Keepers and general apathy on some it was decided to bring in a little new blood and re-draft this year. I finished 5th and 17 points behind. It was a Roto 5X5 Weekly League. Though I do not mind weekly Leagues I prefer daily. This league has no innings limit so managers try and gain an advantage by streaming as many 2 start SP as they can every week. This leads to a bi disparity in Ks and Wins at times. With down years from Han Ram and Adrian Gonzalez it seemed I was scrambling all year on the hitting side. It didn’t help that my OF was one of the weakest I had ever drafted: BJ Upton, Gardner (who was to be out a series, then a 15 day DL stint, then until the ALL-Star break…ouch) Maybin who was hitting .175 when I dropped him. Then Willingham, JD Martinez and the Jason Bay. My final starting OF consisted of Upton, Ross, Willingham, and DeJesus sprinkled in with Viciedo. Another league where I got hurt with a 2 in BA and a 4 in Wins. I was consistently in the middle of the pack all year, fluctuating from as high as 2nd in early June to as low as 7th in early August.

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