Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carolina League Prospect

By Corey R. Cunningham

Manny Machado top’s today’s prospect list for the Carolina League. Machado was the highest Orioles draft pick since 1989, drafted 3rd overall, out of Brito Miami Private (High School). Machado has pre-mature body, and athleticism of an Alex Rodriguez.

Machado spent his 2011 first season in Low-A Delmarva and High-A Frederick. If any of you are ‘signers’ you know Manny was not the easiest to deal with. Manny is what us signers call a ‘one per’. He simply would sign only one thing a night for any particular fan. If you had 3 items, you would have to go see the 3 games home or away stand. Although Manny was very particular about this, he kept to his word, and sign for most if not all the fans he could.

Manny played in my backyard for the 2011 season. His Delmarva shorebirds visited the Hagerstown, MD area, where they battled the Hagerstown Suns, and 1st overall draft pick Bryce Harper. During his stint with Delmarva for a full 38 games, he hit .276, with 6 HR and 24 RBI’s. Machado’s Low-A performance earned him a spot on the 2011 Futures Game roster. Manny struck out just 2 times more (25), than he allowed himself taking ball 4(23).

After 38 games with Delmarva, he earned a promotion to High-A Frederick. This ballpark once again is in my backyard (only 20 miles). At this point, he was the youngest everyday player in the Carolina League, and it showed. His first month up, he went a measly 14 for 63, with only 4 extra base hits. He finished the season with a .245 BA, hitting just 5 HR and knocking in 26 RBI. Manny only managed to steal a total of 11 bases during the 2011 season.

A potential 5 tool player at a crucial position defensively, and most captains spots on the field, Manny will need to build confidence and continue to pursue his way up through the minors. Manny has good plate discipline, with a fluid swing; the K to BB ratio will need to be looked at more carefully through game tapes. Manny will most likely start the season again in the Carolina League in Frederick, not only to increase his numbers, but because the O’s have a hole until the end of 2014 with J. J. Hardy.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Target & Avoid TAMPA BAY RAYS

Coming off one the most exciting and dramatic final days in baseball history, the Rays are poised to repeat their flair for the dramatic. The acquisition of former Ray Carlos Pena brings a better glove and OBP than Casey Kotchman at 1B this year. The rotation is scary good and is actually 6-7 deep. I see Niemann being the odd man out after spring training. ROY candidate from last year Desmond Jennings will show Tampa fans why they let Crawford go so easily last year. The biggest problem as always in Tampa is the division they play in, that means seeing the Yankees and Red Sox 36 times again this year. I won’t count Tampa out of the race until they are mathematically eliminated.


Matt Moore SP

You may never see again a SP with one start under his belt be the starting pitcher in a playoff game but that is exactly what Moore did last year. The Rays even forked up 39M for a SP with just over 9 career MLB innings. His strengths are  a career 12.2 K/9 ratio throughout his minor league career there is reason to think he cannot bring that to the majors full time this year. The downside to Moore is that he pitches in the toughest hitting division in baseball. Another point to be aware of is that if Tampa is out of the race due to a major collapse the Rays will shut him down in September.  He will be a SP that others will be hesitant to draft in the first dozen rounds but I am targeting him in round 8-10. My projections are as follows: 12W/3.29/1.21/181 and ranked 110 on my 300+ player projections for 2012.


James Shields SP

After a stellar 2011 he entered the ALDS with Tampa up 1 game to 0 on Texas. What happened may be due to the numerous innings he put in throughout the year.  His 249 innings was 2nd only to Verlander. In the playoffs he became uncharacteristically wild plunking couple on Rangers and throwing some wild pitches. Did the massive innings total and his 11 CG hurt him? I believe so. When a young pitcher surpasses his career limits in innings pitched we must be concerned the next year. Was 2011 a career year for Shields? I say yes. He was rarely even drafted in leagues last year and that was because he had an ERA well over 5.00 in 2010. I’m not saying he is going to be that bad but I am also saying he is not going to be as good as 2011. He is definitely usable in all leagues, just do not draft him too early to anchor your team and do not expect a sub 3.00 ERA and a 1.04 WHIP ever again. My projections are as follows: 15W/3.77/1.16/191

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida State League Prospect

By Corey R. Cunningham

Today’s Florida State League Prospect is young right-hander Shelby Miller of the St. Louis Cardinals. Shelby was drafted by St. Louis 19th overall, out of high school, in the 2009 June MLB Draft. St. Louis must have seen something special in this youngster, as they usually do not go after high school players too often.

I have heard several things about Millers position with the Cardinals, either, he is a future closer, or perhaps stick him in the rotation. Whatever they decide, he will produce in either role. He has a plus fastball, which will reach mid 90’s, although on occasion will hit upper 90’s. His curveball has a very nice 12-6 curveball, at which times are better than others, but the pitch has improved. His change-up could use some work, with a little difficulty locating on the corners. He has a decent array of a 3-pitch sequence, which will need upgraded.

Miller has a smooth delivery, with a release point that is very consistent. He stands on the mound at approximately 6’3” in height; however, his right leg kick would make you think otherwise. He raises his right leg only belt high, but he has excellent balance.

Miller spent the entire 2010 season at “A” ball with Quad Cities pitching in 24 games. He finished the season with a 3.62 ERA, pitching a total of 104 innings. He gave up a few less hits (97) than innings pitched, better yet, he struck out (140) more than innings pitched, which brought his K/9 to 12.1 for the year. He would need to improve on his H/9 allowed, where he gave up 8.4.

Promoted in 2011 to high A Palm Beach, Miller only started 9 games, earning a record of 2-3. His era reached only reached 2.89 throwing 53 innings. Miller showed signs of Palm Beach being no problem for him and he was ready for bigger things.

Miller finished the 11’ year in AA playing for Springfield. He pitched in a total of 16 games acquiring an ERA of 2.70 and a W-L record of 9-3. He was a solid pitcher, and much more than the cardinals could have asked for. Miller combined 2011 season of High A and AA consisted of a K/9 ratio of 11.0, a combined WHIP of 1.18, a H/9 of 7 and a ERA of 2.77.

Miller currently ranks in the top 10 prospects going into the 2012 season. I predict Shelby Miller will be a June call up depending on the Cardinals record. If the Cards are in the playoff hunt, June call up, if not perhaps a September call up. Once called up Miller stays on the roster as either the closer or a 2-3 hole starting pitcher.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


The Toronto Blue Jays are a team on the rise.  With 6 seasons in the 80 win range they just can’t find those extra 10 wins to be competitive through the entire season. With the trade to acquire Santos this could be the start to challenging in the AL East. Now they need to find a couple of back end SP to compete every day in baseball’s toughest division.  They have cornerstones in Bautista and Lawrie and need to turn their other power hitters into hitters that can hit for average too. If they can do that they have the potential to be great.


Brett Lawrie 3B

When I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago Lawrie was the still a little under the radar but now his is being taken as the fifth 3B off the board at MDC. I expect by next month he could be the third; only behind Longo and Beltre. I am ranking him above both Wright and Zimmerman at this point. To me he IS the next Mike Schmidt with speed. I would not be surprised he becomes a 25/25 guy this year while batting clean-up. He will go before the 50th pick overall so if you want him reach for him around in the 3rd round if necessary. My projections for him are: 76R 27HR 88RBI 24SB .285 those are for a 22 year old and future 1st round pick.


Colby Rasmus OF

Coming off his 2010 campaign when his fantasy line was 85R 23HR 66 RBI .276 he was everyone’s next Grady Sizemore. Then came the discussions about his numerous mental lapses and everyday focus for a star player. Next thing he is shipped to Toronto for a SP with only a few months until free agency and a couple of throw in players.  Why would the Cardinals trade someone with such “potential” ? They decided he was not what the hype around him projected. Fast forward 2011; 14HR and hitting .225 that puts him I then David DeJesus and Kosuke Fukudome realm of worthless fantasy OFs. In 2012 he will hit in the 7th or 8th hole in Toronto and should continue to struggle and not bounce back. Toronto only offered a 1 year deal this winter which shows they have prospects in the wings waiting to pounce on his CF job. My Projections are: 55R 15HR 55RBI 9SB .232

Friday, January 27, 2012

California League Prospect

By Corey R. Cunningham

Today’s we take a look at 1B prospect Jonathan Singleton of the Houston Astros organization. He was one of the prospects that were sent to Houston in part of the Oswalt deal, which sent him to the Phillies.

Before Singleton was traded, Philly was in a difficult spot. They already had their power slugging 1B in Ryan Howard, and now had this young and rising star in Jonathan Singleton. The problem, they both play 1B. The Phillies try to experience Singleton in LF, perhaps to come up and replace what ever short term option they had until his call up. Apparently, they had found better options while shipping him to Houston.

Singleton has good plate discipline sees several pitches, and then acts on those pitches. While his power did not show up in 2011, his plate discipline improved. Not exactly sure if his power will come back into play in the near future, but you can find defense just about anywhere on the FA market. His contact numbers will need to stand pat if he wants to continue his journey to the MLB.

In 2010 while still in the Phillies organization, he hit for a .290 average batting for Lakewood. Along with his BA, he slugged 14 HR, while driving in 77 RBI. He had good slugging percentage (479) as well as OPS (872).

In 2011 he started the year out in high A Clearwater, where he played 93 games. In those games he hit for .284 BA, 9 HR, and 47 RBI. While advancing to a higher level, his SLG and OPS dipped just a bit at .413 SLG and .800 for OPS. After being traded to Lancaster, he stepped right in and didn’t lose a thing. He played a total of 35 games, hitting .333, SLG .512 and OPS of .917.

My dislike about Singleton is his K/BB ratio. His totals through Rookie ball to High A was 210 K’s and only 150 BB. Some people would look at this stat and say he is swinging too much, but I say his patience at the plate needs to improve.

I am not sure what the future holds for this potential superstar, however, I can say he will most likely start the season at AA. He will be drafted in Dynasty League Minor drafts only. If drafting in those, you can secure Jonathan within the 5th-8th round.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Target & Avoid YANKEES

The Yankees are coming off a season in which they hit 222 HR and average 5.35 runs a game. This year’s team is older and slower. Granderson will not have a year like 2011, Jeter will be 38 and not running anymore, A-Rod is finally AllGone and is no better than Danny Valencia, Teixeira BA has declined significantly over the last 4 years, and Swisher is a .250 lifetime. The bright side is their revamped pitching staff but remember they pitch in the toughest division in baseball…the hard hitting AL East.


Eduardo Nunez 2B-3B-SS

Nunez is going into the season with multi-position eligibility which I covet, especially in daily leagues. With the trade of Montero, their projected DH in 2012, look for A-Rod, Cano, and even Jeter to get time at the DH. When that happens Nunez will get the start in their primary positions. Nunez will be this year’s super-sub. A-Rod won’t play on turf in Toronto and Tampa so insert Nunez. Jeter will not be playing 160 games at 38, Nunez gets the start. Nunez could see action in 130 games this year. Nunez has speed and a little pop. He is the perfect player for your bench that can be placed into a hole in your daily line-up.  Look for 10HR with 30SB. A great find with your last pick or two in any league.


Phil Hughes SP

The Yankees 4 top starters are CC, Kuroda, Pineda, and Nova. That leaves Garcia, Burnett, and Hughes to battle for the 5th spot. As we all know the 5th SP isn’t even needed until week 3 of the season so if drafted he sits until mid-April.  Remember Hughes was shut down from 4/15 until 7/8 last years with shoulder inflammation. He finished 5 and 5 with an ERA near a touchdown. The Yankees resigned him this year to a 1 year contract that is not even guaranteed with incentive bonuses. Looks to me like they have no real confidence in him at this point.  At best I see him as a spot starter and long relief and then traded mid season for a right-handed bat that can play in the OF. He is a wasted pick in 2012.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top Eastern League Prospect

By Corey R. Cunningham

Manny Banuelos is today’s Eastern league top prospect. Born in New Mexico and signed by the New York Yankees, Manny is one of today’s up and coming starting pitchers in the game. His pitch package includes, a fastball, change up and an improved curveball.

Manny does not have the body structure of your typical Ace starting pitching, standing in at 5’ 11” and weighing in at 155 lbs. However, he does have the arm angle, to generate the velocity of a top pitcher.

His fastball averages 95 mps, yes averages, and tops out at times at 98 mph. Him being only 20 years young, he has the opportunity to generate another click or two on the radar gun. The fastball is unlike any normal 4-seam pitch. He not only can paint the corners like non-other, he can also put serious movement on as well.

Most young guns who have the number one pitch as their fastball; Banueloss’ main pitch is his A+ changeup. This pitch dips like a 2-seam fastball, however, comes in at an 80 mph mind blowing pitch. The changeup is Manny’s strike 3 pitch of choice. His curveball, which has improved over the past 3 seasons, is still inconsistent, but is very valuable when it is working. His 12-6 drop is incredible to opposing hitters, however, I was and will continue not to be a fan of curveballs being thrown to right handed hitters at a high ratio or pitch of choice.

Manny has not had the great year of 2011 that he anticipated, and his number show it. Although, not so great numbers he did manage to work his way through 20 games at Trenton to earn his first promotion to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Manny average one hit given up an inning, although doubling more K’s (94) than BB (52). The three important numbers in his statistics are his era at Trenton of 3.59, his WHIP 1.53, and his K/9 of 8.9.

Manny’s numbers did not get much better in AAA, having an era total of 4.19 in 7 games. He accumulated a WHIP of 1.60 a career worst for his minor league stint. His K/9 ratio dipped a little bit from AA to 8.1. Still he managed to give up a hit per inning, giving up 36 hits in just 34 innings worked.

The numbers do not show his potential at the high level he is anticipated on being on, however, I believe the Yankees keep him at AAA this year, based on the recent acquisitions of young right hander Michael Pineda and veteran starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. Keep your eye on Manny Banuelos throughout spring training to see what his destiny is for the 2012 season; please keep in mind he is only 20 years young, and has a high ceiling of his caliber. My Predication: September Call UP in 12’

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


What the Orioles and Showalter need to do to compete in 2012 will be to upgrade the rotation. Overall Baltimore’s starting pitchers are young and last year many hit walls and regressed or were injured. They might not be better than their 69 win record last year, though they were still .500 as late as May 26th, because of their inexperience and inconsistent play but they are moving in the right direction. A strength going forward is they are still a relatively young team, still looking to the future.  Their team goal is player development and injury prevention. The losses of Luke Scott and Vlad should be no consequence to their W/L record. With their obvious weaknesses this year the AL East will eat them alive again.


Robert Andino 2B-3B-SS

Andino is another super sub with multi-position eligibility. With the loss of Vlad and Luke Scott that opens up DH for Chris Davis thus leaving 3B open for Andino and if the often injured Brian Robert  doesn’t return he has the 2B job all to himself.  Andino is not going to wow anyone with all the counting numbers needed for fantasy but he is a better option for your MI than most out there with a late round pick. He is the player I love to own in daily leagues purely due to his multi-position eligibility. When he gets the nod he will bat lead-off in Baltimore and produce decent numbers in Runs and SB. He is just a great very late round pick to bolster your bench. My projections are: 66R 8HR 60RBI 18SB .272


Brian Roberts 2B

With his concussion related headaches still lingering he hasn’t started any hitting drills to date. With only a month until spring training and him missing significant time over the last 2 years, his days are numbered. Father time has caught him and is dragging him into early retirement at age 34. With only  393 ABs over the last 2 seasons Roberts is of no value this year baseball wise or Fantasy and should actually be traded to any team that would take him. Not worth a draft pick and may only get 200ABs this season just to showcase him for a trade at the deadline.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Southern League Prospect

Corey R. Cunningham

In today’s featured match up you will see two young southpaws battling with Tyler Skaggs vs. Clayton Kershaw. I apologize, you will not see that particular pitching match up today, nor tomorrow; however, look for this match up coming as early as this July or August. Yes, Skaggs is my Southern League Top prospect. This gem was sent to Arizona along with a hand full of other prospects and SP Joe Saunders, who was sought for being the main piece; for, hard flame-throwing righty Dan Haren. Both MLB clubs grew with this deal as well as their parent clubs who received depth at many different levels of the system.

Being drafted in the first round of the 09’ draft was the first step to success for this young man. Tyler has the poise to be one of the next biggest pitching stars to hit in today’s game. I myself found a diamond in the rough last year when I drafted Tyler with the last pick of the 3rd round(Note: this was not a total draft, I had 6 slots to fill to get my 20 man roster, if you want to say Tyler was drafted in the 17th round.) Skaggs mechanically is touted to be a tall, lengthy Randy Johnson. His delivery is considered wicked, at times it looks as if he is placing a lot of stress on the left shoulder of his. His stride to the plate looks long, at sometimes makes him lose his command and ability to hit the strike zone.

Skaggs has two great pitches, therefore, will need to develop a 3rd pitch to become the effective MLB pitcher Arizona traded for. His 12-6 curveball is phenomenal, again although can get a little wild with his long stride. His fastball is next which steadily reaches 90-91 MPH. His 3rd pitch, however, not proud of it is his change-up which he merely throws to the opposing hitters. He started out strong in 2010 playing for both Cedar Rapids (LAA), and South Bend (ARI), totaling a record of 9-5 with a 3.29 ERA. His K/9 ratio that particular year in both leagues was 9.1.

Skaggs continued his domination of hitters in 2011 with a record of 9-6 with a 2.96 ERA. He rose is K/9 ratio from 2010 of 9.1 to an average of 11.3. Usually you see the K/9 ratio decrease a tad when getting promoted, not in Skaggs case. In 27 total games he pitched 158 innings, only walking 49 leaving his WHIP to a 1.105. Skaggs will be taken off dynasty boards in the first round pending number of teams. MLB Prediction: Make starting rotation out of Spring Training or Call up in June.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Target & Avoid BOSTON RED SOX

The Booby Valentine era is under way as the Red Sox 45th manager in team history. With Valentine you have an experienced manager who has opinions, who is a new-age thinker. He is not an old school guy as anyone could plainly see watching Baseball Tonight over the last couple of years. He thinks outside the box…all the time. Stats mean something to him, numbers mean something to him. He alone will be worth a few extra wins this year. What the Red Sox do need is a better 4th and 5th spot SP and an extra power hitting OF to come off the bench or platoon. Even with these inefficiencies I feel Boston is the class of the AL this year.


Daniel Bard RP-SP?

Bard, the young fireballer, will be the likely victor to claim one of the last two open spots in the BoSox’ starting rotation. What he needs to prove is that he can have success as a starter after his last two dominating years in the bullpen. What he must do this spring is continue to develop a third pitch to keep hitters off balance for that second and third time through the order. For fantasy purposes we get a SP with RP eligibility. A duel eligibility P with his potential is a must have on any squad. My projections for him are: 11W 3.43ERA 1.19WHIP with 161K.


Carl Crawford OF

Crawford is going to be drafted much too early again this year. His first season was already a disappointment and now season 2 will get off to a shakey start. Crawford underwent surgery January 17th to clean up cartilage in his left wrist and could/will miss the start of the 2012 season. The Red Sox are notorious for downplaying injuries and being overly optimistic about a player’s early return. With the huge investment they have in Crawford they will not rush him out against the green monster until he is 100%. As we have learned about wrist surgeries in the past, it can zap some power and make a hitter reluctant to hit that inside pitch in fear of getting jammed hard and aggravating the wrist problem. Look for an early May return, especially if the Sox start off well and they do not need him immediately. A season of 73R 12HR 68RBI 25SB .269 mediocre at best for the now 31 year old.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Texas League Prospect

Corey R. Cunningham

Jake Odorizzi was the center piece that sent SP Zack Greinke to the Brewers in exchange for prospects. Odorizzi was ranked high in an organization at the time with the Brewers that had little to no depth in it. He has the potential to be an Ace of the starting staff for Kansas City; however, I am sure KC would be thrilled with him settling in nicely in the two or three hole. He has up to a 4-pitch sequence, with his main pitch being his fastball that still sits in the mid 90’s. His curveball could be the next best pitch in the sequence, which is followed by a sub-par change up, and a slider. He does have a cutter; however, it can often be confused with the slider, as far as we go, the slider and cutter are the same pitch.

Starting out the 2011 season pre-ranked as the #33 overall prospect by Scouting Book.com, he started in the Carolina League in Wilmington. I met Jake in Frederick, MD where he was visiting the Frederick Keys. His W-L record of 5-4 makes his numbers look worse, than what they are. In the 5-4 record, he pitched 78 innings of work, striking out 103 batters. This led him to a K/9 ratio of 11.8. Jake walked a measly 22 batters and only allowing 4 HRs.

After 15 games, he was promoted to AA Northwest Arkansas. They say if you want a pitcher or hitter to see what he can do at the MLB level; the best competition is in AA. This may be true as most if not all his stats doubled or decreased in half. He went 5-3 with a 4.72 ERA. Jake’s K/9 ratio dropped to 7.1. He was hit around pretty good in Arkansas, as his home runs allowed tripled to 13. He will most likely be back in Northwest Arkansas to start the 2012 season, and finishing in AAA, if all goes well.

He has defiantly made a name for himself, not only in the Kansas City organization, which is already loaded with talent, but, he has made his name known to others like you and I who will need his help in the near future. Odorizzi will not be taken off the draft boards in any MLB draft; however, he will be taken off the draft board in your dynasty draft. Pay close attention to his forcible future, as you will want to snag him off waivers once your league places his name among the other FA’s. My Predication: June Call up 2013

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Is Pujols enough to put the Halos atop the AL West? It is going to take more than just the best hitter over the last decade. With aging Hunter and Abreu the Angels show no real middle of the order threats this year. They have super-hyped prospect Mike Trout who will mature into a true 5 tool player but not at 20 years old. The Los Angeles ,Anaheim, California Angels will sell a ton of tickets, cash in on a new TV contract and run out a great rotation every night but they will still be lucky to qualify for the new 5th playoff team this year.


Ervin Santana – SP

After a superb breakout year in 2008 he dealt with elbow issues in 09’ then recovered in 2010. In 2011 he enjoyed his best year to date. A 3.38 ERA with 178 Ks. Though he is probably the 3rd best starter on his team he can still anchor your squad this year. His fastball is back at speeds when he broke in and his pin point accuracy is also back on track. He was able to post a BABIP that was .272 and a tad lower than league average. He was also able to post a career best 76.6% LOB%.  I feel these were achieved by flipping his ground ball rate with his fly ball rate. If he keeps that trend in check he will be a great pick up in AL only leagues and very usable in mixed leagues.  My projections are as follows: 13W, 3.71ERA, 1.22WHIP with 160K.


Kendrys Morales-1B DH

We all know about the jumping on home plate broken ankle injury. It has turned into the greatest minor ankle break in the history of medicine.  Nearly 2 years later he is starting baseball activities. That’s great for a player that now may not have a position to play. With Trumbo, Pujols, Abreu and Morales all to share time at 1B and DH it looks as though Morales and Abreu lose the most ABs this year.  If you remember Morales has only 1 full MLB season under his belt. It was a good year; 86R 34HR 108RBI and hitting .308 but that was pre Pujols and pre injury.  I expect the Angels to bring him on slowly in his rehab so there are no setbacks which again means limited ABs in 2012. Best case scenario is for the Angels to trade him to another AL team looking for a DH. That best case scenario is slim to none and slim just left the building. Let some other manager in your league draft him this year and watch that team struggle to find the playing time needed to be fantasy relevant. My projections for him are as follows: 60R 23HR 71 RBI while hitting .298 if he can get 450 ABs and Scioscia wants to play him at all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

International League Top Prospect

By Corey R. Cunningham

The International League Top Prospect is Atlanta SP, Julio Teheran. Teheran is one of 3 top pitching prospects in the Atlanta organization. Teheran is being followed by Randall Delgado and Arodys Vizcaino. Some may call this the best prospect trio in history. Teheran has the ability to be a club ace with his 3 pitch sequence too much for the minor leagues. Teheran has the potential to be a fear able pitcher, although with a slim natured body, Teheran features a fastball, changeup and curveball.

His fastball can at time reach the high 90's, although it comes with little to no movement. he will need to develop some rise and drop on the high speed in order to compete at a high level in the MLB. Teheran has a changeup that most hitters in his minor league stint did not see. He threw mostly fastballs, and at the High A level that's fine, however, as promotions come, so do the pitch sequence. Teheran's SO/9 ratio dropped through A+ at a ratio of 10.8, AA 8.6 to AAA 7.6. When I am drafting for my minor league dynasty team, this is one stat I'm very particular about, however, I am not worried with Teheran as I feel he will mature into this stat. At just 19 years of age, (turns 20 on Jan 27th), its great to see him being a reliable 2-3 starter at such a young age.

The Braves gave Teheran a shot in early May, pitching in two games, although the star didn't see past 4 2/3 innings in either of his May starts. Although Teheran had been tattooed for 10 total hits in just a total of 8 2/3 innings in May and only 2 K's the young man grew, and was given a taste of two tough lineups which Arizona and Philadelphia both consist of being NL Playoff teams. Just like other up and rising youngsters, Teheran was given the famous 'September-call up' pitching in another 3 games for the Braves. His first start in September was his 3rd straight game pitching in an opposing ballpark; that is tough on a young man. Teheran had a less than spectacular 5 games in 11' in the MLB rotation.

Teheran finished his final two appearances at Turner Field. Although not a crowd pleaser, and perhaps a lot of pressure on the young man due to the Braves crunch time playoff hopes going into late September. Teheran pitched a total of 5.5 innings, giving up a run and inning along with 6 hits. Two of those 6 hits were homeruns, totaling 4 homeruns given up by Teheran in just 19.2 total innings of work. On a positive note, Teheran did K 10 and walked 8. Although a high walk ratio, he still managed to sneak by pitches on hitters. It's hard to face 3 out of 5 teams who is in the NL playoffs being such a young starter. Unlike Strasburg who debuted against the Pirates, Teheran got a taste of Philly in his.

Teheran may start the season in AAA Gwinnett in 12', for perhaps 3 reasons. One, his age, just turning 20 at the start of the MLB season, I believe some maturity is still in his future, and you never want to rush success, especially when you have the potential he has. Second, the pitching the Braves have in their depth chart this year. You can never have too many pitchers, and when you trade your Ace of the past couple seasons in Derek Lowe and have Jair Jurrjens lingering on the trade market, one can say they have plenty of pitching to go around. This year’s projected starting rotation is Tim Hudson, Tommy Hanson are both coming off injuries, Jair Jurrjens, Brandon Beach and Mike Minor. Hudson should be ready for start of spring training, however, I don't think it will be the same for Hanson, and that will leave a spot or two opened for the 3 top pitching prospects. No guarantee Beachey and or Minor make the squad out of spring training, I feel Teheran and Delgado can both be No 4 and No 5 pitchers this year out of the gate.

You will want to target Teheran in later rounds of your draft. Pending the number of rounds you have, I would draft Teheran anywhere from the 18th to the 23rd rounds. He will give you depth of your SP, and perhaps will give you a gem in the late rounds. If you only have a 20 man roster, you may not want to draft Teheran, but perhaps keep him on your watch list. Be ready to grab him off the FA wire once the news hits that he is starting, I know I will be.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Target & Avoid TEXAS RANGERS

The Rangers have been a perennial dominate team for the last few years. With the possible addition of Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder some players will get a bump up in value while others will get a knock down in their fantasy worth. Regardless of the two previously mentioned players, the Rangers scored the 3rd most runs in baseball in 2011. I see them even garnering a few more wins this year to push them over a 100 win season and still beating the new Pujols bolstered Angels.


Joe Nathan-Closer

Though he had a +4 ERA last year, over all his final 31 appearances he had a 3.38 ERA with 29 Ks and only 5 BB. As you know he has a career 2.87 ERA with a 1.11 WHIP and has a K/9 well over 9. Those are still staggering numbers for a closer. One of my favorite stats that Nathan has posted is a career BAA of .202; as long as he has his control (doesn’t walk anyone) no one hits this guy. IMO he probably came back too early last year and tried to prove too much. Now he is on a better team with many more Save chances while pitching against Oakland and Seattle 36 times next year. He could have 20+ Saves against those two teams alone. Nathan will fall lower in drafts than he should with the impending Feliz to the rotation talk. Nolan Ryan signed this guy for 15 million of 2 years…He IS closing in Texas case closed. My projections for Nathan are as follows: 3W 38S 3.25ERA 1.11WHIP 69K.


Michael Young-1B & 3B

The main reason I am avoiding Yong this year is due to the loss of 2B eligibility. The numbers he put up in the past were well above average for a 2B but I want my 1B and 3B to be able to put some more power numbers. Yes he had over 100 RBI last year but he projects to hit in the 2 hole this year and DH which will drop his RBI production, even for the happy hitting Rangers.  His RBI numbers were helped by him having over 200 hits last year. Only 5 players have had over 200 hits in a season over the age of 35 in the last 50 years: Paul Molitor 2X, Al Oliver, Bill Buckner, Pete Rose 3X, and Tony Gwynn.  Does he get his 200+ hits again at 35 years old in 2012? History says it is unlikely. So if you draft Young and have to use him at either corner expect these types of numbers: 85R, 11HR, 88RBI, 6SB and hitting .311 good numbers but they can be had by Davis Freese at 3B 8 rounds later or Gaby Sanchez 1B 10 Rounds later.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Top Prospect of Pacific Coast League

The Pacific Coast league is known for its offensive numbers, this makes the list for this topic pretty long. It’s hard to choose just one prospect in this league when you have players such as, 3B Brett Lawrie TOR, 2B Dustin Ackley SEA, 3B Mike Moustakas KC, 1B Brandon Belt SF, 1B Anthony Rizzo CHI. The list goes on and on with top prospects. Top Prospect watch from Minor League to MLB: 2B Dustin Ackley SEA.

Ackley was drafted 2nd overall in the 09' draft out of UNC by the Seattle Mariners. He was rated a pre-2010 #11 prospect, and by Baseball America standards they hit this one on the head. Ackley was sent right to AA where he hit .263 in 289 AB's and only 41 strikeouts. Ackley is no power hitter by any means, however, he is a contact hitter, and will hit for average. Ackley was promoted to AAA just after 82 total games in 2010. In 10' at Tacoma Ackley hit .274, with 5 HR and 23 RBIs, and slugging an impressive .439. After the 2010 season, Ackley was sent back to AAA Tacoma for the 2011 season for a total of 66 games. In those games, Ackley batted .303, slugged .487 hitting a career minor league best 9 HR on top of 35 RBIs in 271 AB's. Ackley had earned a promotion to the big leagues on June 17, of 2011. In his first 5 games he had a 5 game hit streak, in his first 12 games, he had 12 hits. Ackley continued to show off hitting in 64 of an 87 games started span. In those 64 of 87 games, he had 22 multi-hit games.

Ackley will be finding his home in Seattle for the next several years to come, if Seattle does not sign him to an early extension. I can see Ackley staying in a Mariners uniform for his career. You don't see too many contact bats like Ackley's. After Seattle sent Michael Pineda to the Yankees for top catching prospect Jesus Montero, watch out for Seattle to start scoring runs. Yes, the acquisition of Albert Pujols and perhaps Fielder going to Texas might affect the season for Seattle in the AL West, however, don't count Seattle out of the Fielder sweepstakes just yet. If Prince notices Seattle's pitching depth in AAA, and AA and with him realizing Jesus Montero, Dustin Ackley, Ichiro Suzuki, Mike Carp, Justin Smoak, and Franklin Gutierrez in the line-up, I would sign in Seattle. Ackley will be Seattle's starting 2B and you will want to target him depending on where you draft and the amount of roster spots you have in the 8th to 10th round. Draft with total confidence.

Target & Avoid OAKLAND A'S

The Oakland A’s have cleaned house this winter like no team has in recent years. In the process they picked up many of the games top prospects. Though I do not think the A’s will win 60 games this year they are still a MLB team with players that can help our Fantasy Teams.  There may not be a single A’s player before the 20th round in any type of fantasy league this year but 1 SP is worth a late round flyer, especially in Dynasty or Keeper Leagues.


Jarrod Parker –SP

Parker was the star blue tip return in the Trevor Cahill trade. He was the 9th overall pick in the 2007 draft. Coming off TJ surgery a couple of years ago he was able to pitch and pitch effectively in 2011. He not only pitched well he lost no velocity off his 94 mph fastball after his surgery. He has 3 quality pitches; Fastball that is hard sinking, Change-up that is 12 mph slower than his fastball; a pitch sure to keep hitter of balance. His slider is practically a splitter, and his Curveball has only been used sparingly but it does bend from head to strike zone on right handed hitters. Last year’s number in AA were impressive. He had a 3.79 ERA 112/55 K/BB ratio over 130 innings.  He should project as the A’s 4th or 5th starter. If he shakes out to be the A’s 5th starter he may not get drafted due to not having many starts in April but you should have him on your radar. Come the 3rd week of the season when all 5th starters fill in their rotation spot every week he will be off the wire.  My projections for him are: 10W 3.98 ERA 1.29 WHIP with 119 Ks.


The Entire A’s Bullpen

The problem with the A’s bullpen is anyone and everyone can and will close games. I see Billy Beane showcasing any player that other teams are inquiring about throughout the season. I wouldn’t even trust any of their bullpen in Holds leagues. It’s just to volatile to know when Beane will pull the trigger on anyone and everyone in the bullpen. The fire sale is still continuing in Oakland and will last until Oakland moves to San Jose and they get a REAL ballpark. Here is the A’s Bullpen to date. I don’t envision half these players being here by the end of the year.
Grant Balfour, Fautino De Los Santos, Brian Fuentes, Josh Olson, Neil Wagner, Jerry Blevins, Graham Godfrey, Andrew Carignan.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preparing For Dynasty League's Minor Lague Draft

By Corey R. Cunningham
Just starting out in a Dynasty League, re-drafting, or having trouble finding that diamond in the rough?

Most Dynasty Drafts consist of 15-20 rounds of minor league players who have no MLB experience. Below are a few top prospects and a few sleeper prospects to keep your eye on that you can land deep in the draft.

Top Prospects that will be targeted early and often:
WAS-OF: Bryce Harper

Harper started out his early career in Low-A Hagerstown (my home town). Harper was far more than a fan favorite; he was considered the best thing in Hagerstown since sliced bread. Before being promoted to AA, Harper slugged .554, with a .318 batting average at Low A, knocking in 46 RBI, and hitting 14 home runs, in just 258 at bats. Those at-bats in MLB are considered just a half season for most. Being promoted to Harrisburg late in the year, Harper hit just a mediocre .256, knocking in only 12 RBI and hitting just 3 HR in 129 AB. Although the injury bug plagued Harper in AA, look for him to get a couple weeks in the Minors, unless spring training goes really well, before being called up to the big leagues. My Prediction: Call Up in Mid May.

ARI-SP: Tyler Skaggs

Skaggs, needless to say 2 years ago, was a diamond in the rough. He was the key trade piece that sent ace SP Dan Haren from Arizona to the Halos. Skaggs has jumped up the charts in just 1 year. He is a top 5 prospect that has Ace potential. Tyler was promoted after 17 games in High A ball throwing 100 innings with a K/9 ratio of 11.2. He left A+ with an era just over 3, at 3.22. Earning a promotion to AA, he did just that, he earned it. In just 10 games and 57 innings pitched, Skaggs struck out 73 batters, bringing his ratio of K/9 to 11.4. Tyler was a Futures Game Selection this past July as well as a CAL league Mid-season All-star, and to complete the year he earned a MID Mid-season All-star selection. The K/9 ratio is key, to drafting pitchers in the draft. My Prediction: Call Up All-star break.

WAS-3B Anthony Rendon

Not sure what the future holds for third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, because Rendon will be knocking on the door in the near future. Rendon was drafted 6th overall in the 2011 draft, and signed late to play baseball this year to accumulate any stats. I had Rendon going 2nd overall to the Seattle Mariners. Watching Rendon being skipped, pick after pick, I told myself Washington had to nab this guy quick. With the 6th overall pick, they did just that. The young third baseman out of Rice University has the tools to be a mold of a Ryan Zimmerman, with his best tool being his stick, but his worst tool being the speed on the base paths. In 2010 at Rice Rendon belted more HR (26), than he did strike outs that particular year, only 22 K's. He is a stud, with major upside; you can draft him with confidence. My Prediction: MLB in 14'

Minor League Players being a steal in Rounds 12-15

PHI-C: Sebastian Valle

Valle will be completely missed in a draft where every one's focus will be on first baseman and starting pitchers. You can steal Valle in round 12 with no questions asked. Valle hit .284 while hitting just 5HR and knocking in 40 RBI's. He had a tough time adjusting to a promotion in 2011 to Clearwater, however, once the stick got going, he didn't look back. In 2010 Valle batted just .255, however, hit 16HR, and knocked in 74 RBI's earning him that promotion in 2011. Valle's biggest upside is his defense, which has progressed during his minor league stint. My Prediction: MLB in 15'

COL-SP: Tyler Matzek

Many of you may or may not know this, Matzek was a highly touted prospect who significantly dropped off the radar. In these late rounds, you have no fear in taking a chance on Matzek as he is a low risk, high reward pick. Why low risk? Due to the late round drafting of him, Matzek will be off anyone's radar due to his numbers, his numbers are awful. Look for Matzek to bounce back in 2012. In 2011 Matzek had an ERA of 6.22 but again as I pointed out the stat of K/9 he averaged 10.3. His numbers are hiding the potential. Matzek came out of 11' with a 5-7 record between Asheville and Modesto. In august of 2011 I personally had a conversation with Tyler in Asheville. Tyler was very motivated to get back on track during this winter, and he stated, he will continue to progress and mature through his mistakes. My Prediction: MLB Bound in 14'

SEA-SP: James Paxton

The Yankees traded this past Friday for right handed flame thrower Michael Pineda. This may have surprised most of you; however, not I. Seattle is loaded with SP prospects. Top prospects to go early are Danny Hultzen, and Taijuan Walker, however, Paxton is that guy to slip through the cracks. He will earn a starting pitching spot out of spring training, unless the above two pitchers beat him out. No worries, he is MLB bound in 2012. In 17 games in 11' Paxton had a tremendous ERA of 2.37 with a K/9 of 12.4. He totaled 131 strikeouts in just 95 innings pitched. Paxton has the potential to be a number 3 starter, and Seattle looks for him to full-fill this role sometime in 12'. You best be drooling over this guy in the late rounds, and be ready to hit the draft button. You cannot get a better steal than James Paxton. My Prediction: MLB bound in 12' making starting rotation.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

FBV Adds New Writer

I would like to introduce a new addition to FBV. Corey Robert Cunningham is a avid baseball fan and has a great insight to the entire minor league system. He has scouted/observed players from low A Rookie ball to the Triple A affiliates. I feel Corey will bring a needed insight about all minor league players and help with all Dynasty League questions about either securing low level talent with high upside to just scouting the unknown. Welcome aboard Corey. Below is a bio on Corey in his own words.

I Corey Robert Cunningham was born on June 9th, 1986 and raised in Hagerstown, MD. I graduated from Williamsport High School in 2004. You may know a great young man by the name of Nicholas James Adenhart (RIP). I was a very close child hood friend of Nicks; we graduated together in 04'. Just days after high school graduation, I attended USAF boot camp in Lackland, AFB. I was stationed in Martinsburg, WV for 6 years. During those 6 years, I was deployed to Hurricane Katrina, New Mexico to help supervise and work Joint Task Force with the Army for Immigration. For 6 months I was stationed in Chicopee Wisconsin AFB, interesting note, this AFB is the alternate landing site of the NASA space shuttle. I was in Security Forces for my entire 6 years of my Air Force career. My term was up, and I began to raise my son, who is currently the age of 2. I have been placed in many difficult positions before, and I have overcome each obstacle thrown my way. I give my grandfather credit for this; he has taught me the 'ins', and 'outs' of life and how to prepare myself. During my Air Force career, I received an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. I currently work in the law enforcement related field, where I have been working for the past 4+ years.

Again, born and raised in Hagerstown, MD is a medium size town, which continues to grow. We are just an hour away from the Nation’s Capital, and Baltimore. I visit Camden yards about 6 times a year, to see nearly any team play the game of baseball that I dearly love so much. I live 20 yards away from the Hagerstown Suns Municipal Stadium where Bryce Harper started out, and I live 20 miles away from the Frederick Keys (High A Baltimore) stadium. I visit each stadium about 30 times a year, to see the up and coming stars of today's greatest game. I have traveled to Boston, to see the great Fenway Park, Progressive Field in Cleveland, as well as the AAA and High A affiliate clubs of the Indians. Just recently last year, my friend and I took a trip to Tennessee to visit the Smokies (AA Cubs), Ashville (Colorado Affiliate). I met great prospects Trey McNutt, Josh Vitters, Rafael Dolis, also visiting was Winston Salem, where I met Brandon Short. In Ashville, I met Gary Sanchez, Tyler Matzek, and Peter Tago. On our way back north, we managed to stop at Salem, VA for the Sox game. Great prospects of Anthony Ranaudo, Bryce Brentz, Kolbrin Vitek, and Drake Britton. Each and every one of the above mentioned players also was greatly enough to sign cards for myself as well.

I am an avid Fantasy Baseball manager and viewer. I enjoy seeing other managers’ deal, and see what value each player earns, and what players are giving the advantage of being the 'over-rated' mark. I eat; sleep, and breath baseball and my friends and family will tell you the same thing. This is my passion, and I enjoy reading, writing, and expressing my opinions on each and every option given. My stronger points to baseball are giving trade value advice, prospects both at the low end grade and the stars that are MLB bound. I enjoy giving thoughts on players to avoid, in the who is 'hot' and who is 'not' category. Thank you for this opportunity to let me continue to grow with baseball and with your website. I hope to bring my best efforts into this as everything else in life.

Corey Robert Cunningham

Friday, January 13, 2012


After a season with the Cy Young/MVP winner Detroit found out they could not ride Verlander’s arm all the way to the World Series. This team has both pitching and hitting and should again contend for the weak AL Central. If this team could have acquired Aramis Ramirez I would have picked them to win the AL pennant. That's another story. They do have some players under the radar and I targeted one on my favs.


Only a handful of pitchers in baseball history have had 30+ starts with a losing record and an era under 3.00. That is what Fister did last year.  If you’re an FIP believer, he was the 12th best pitcher in baseball last year. Ahead of names such as King Felix, Jared Weaver, Cole Hamels, and tons of other elite pitchers. Fister went 8-1 with a 1.79 ERA in 11 appearances (10 starts) down the stretch for Detroit. Now that he is on a contender and away from Seattle he could be 15+ game winner this year. He projects to be the #2 man behind Verlander and has 3 great pitches.   His 7.29 K/9 with Detroit completely dwarfed his 5.49 K/9 during his prior four months in Seattle. So look this year for some regression there, but a happy medium at 6.5K/9 is attainable in Detroit. My projections for Fister are:  14W, 3.55ERA, 1.18WHIP and 142K


The longest tenured player wearing the Old English D is now officially on the back end of his career. Here is a guy that has had an 11 year career in MoTown and was sent down to Toledo for over week last year. The soon to be 35 year old Inge has two major flaws for a 3B. He has more career Ks than hits (1183 to 1081) and .235 career average. To me if you can’t put the bat on the ball you can’t drive in runs. From a fantasy perspective that is what we want, no need, from our drafted hot corner players…many RBIs. He may be a fan favorite but do not look for him to play in even a 100 games this year. Consider this year his swan song.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


After a 99 loss season and the loss of both Cuddyer and Kubel it may seem the Twinkies are far from being a team that has players to target. Yes they have the often injured Mauer who plays a weak position and could see more time at 1B and DH but IMO he will still be taken much to early in most drafts. The SP staff is mediocre at best and the IF is marginal too. That leaves the OF and bullpen. The addition of Willingham and his potential 30HR is nice but vanilla at best and he will not be seen as a bargain now that he is out of cavernous Oakland Stadium. So who to target?

Matt Capps Closer

Capps will be one of the last closers off the board due to being on one of the worst AL teams. His numbers last year were nothing spectacular but he IS the Minnesota Closer this year and he will get 25 Saves. His career peripheral numbers are solid and won’t hurt you in any way. A 3.50 ERA, 1.20 WHIP with a K/9 6.75. If you punt on Saves early in your draft remember Capps will be available in round 20 so target him there and be happy with his production for such a late pick. My projections: 3W, 30S, 4.05 ERA, 1.29 WHIP and 39K

Justin Morneau 1B

 Justin Morneau’s last 12 months (concussion, left knee surgery in September 2011, right foot surgery in September 2011, left wrist surgery in September 2011). He must pass more concussion tests before being cleared for off season workouts. However, Morneau states he expects to be ready for spring training. That’s a big however and reason to pass on Morneau this year. The Twins have already expressed concerns with him playing defense at all, which does not affect our fantasy stats but shows he is nowhere near ready for baseball duties. Minnesota is hoping and spinning he will be ready just to save face with losing Cuddyer and Kubel and to help sell season tickets.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dynasty League Question

Corey writes in asking for help...

It is 30 man rosters in a 10 team league; however, you get to keep 20 of your 30 players... Here is the list of my keepers so far. What adjustments would you make in your opinion? Positions are C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, LF, RF, CF, 3OF, 2 UTIL,2SP,2 RP, 4P, 7BN. Non snake draft for the remaining 10 rounds to fill out players 21-30. 6 x 5 league (OBP, TB, HR, SB, AVG, RBI, W, QS, K, SV, and ERA)

Also, I was offered some very interesting trade in the past couple of days, them being.

Me Giving up: Cano         Receiving: Freeman, Buccholz, Teheran

Me Giving up: Cano         Receiving: Pujols

Me giving up: Cano, Street, Prado  Receiving: Wright, Lee, Freeman

Me giving up: Gallardo      Receiving: Buccholz, Teheran, 4th round pick

These guys in my league are all over Cano, I have received more offers, but they were Quantity over Quality, and I cannot afford that. There were offers going down that two other teams wanted to do involving 3 team deal all the players from my team were Cano, Prado, Street, Other players from Team A: Kennedy, Morrison, Gardner, Gordon, Quentin, Aramis, Liriano and Lee. Team B: Wright, Bucholz, Freeman, Tehrean, 4th round pick.

Do you see anything I don’t, or am I just over valuing Cano? I see no one ranked higher than Cano at all. Could you see any package that would make me give up Cano, Street, and Prado?
I also had interest from a 3rd team in Cano separate from the others, On his team his main players I was inquiring about were, AGON, Pujols, Hosmer, and Lawrie. He stated to me he was willing to pay for Cano, I told him I needed at least Pujols or AGON along with Hosmer or Lawrie. How much would he be overpaying? I realize I have no 1B, but have the best 2B in the game in my opinion or at least 1A (Pedroia).
Below are my keepers and non keepers would you make any adjustments?

Matt Wieters
Robinson Cano
Jemile Weeks
Kevin Youkilis
Alexi Ramirez
Carlos Beltran
Corey Hart
Andre Either
Curtis Granderson
Matt Holliday
Adam Jones
Hunter Pence
Yovani Gallardo
Clayton Kershaw
Jaime Garcia
Vance Worley
Edwin Jackson
Heath Bell
Drew Storen
Craig Kimbrel

Non Keepers:
Jon Jay
Placido Polanco
Martin Prado
AJ Burnett
Matt Harrison
Kyle Kenderick
Brad Lincoln
Ryan Vogelsong

Concerning your keepers:  A very solid core squad. The only change I would consider is keeping Vogelsong and possibly dropping Jackson especially if he ends up in the AL East. I feel your pitching and OF (so many possibly 20/20 guys here) are your two strongest assets on this team. Your weakness is obviously 1B and CI.
Analyzing trade #1
Yes you get a quality 1B but you do not need the pitching. Buchholz pitches in the toughest division in baseball and at times can kill your peripheral stats and probably won’t even get you 140Ks. I say no to this trade.
Trade #2
Getting Pujols in any trade is a win in the short term. If you are in this league for the next 5+ years Cano is the player you want. He dominates all others at his position and will continue to do so. Look for Cano to bat clean-up this year and then moving to the 3 hole for the next 5 years. This is truly and even trade for the short term but long term you will lose productivity with Pujols and watch Cano’s number get even better.
Trade #3
Of all the trades offered I like this one the best. Cano is elite at a scarce position…Prado you are dumping anyway…Street is a closer that can be easily replaced. You get Wright who will have better numbers this year due to the fences being brought in at his home park and this gives you and legitimate CI with Youk still at 3B. If I am assuming this is Cliff Lee you are getting a top 10 SP across the board and finally you fill in your 1B with a future All-Star who will be hitting in the 3 hole for the next decade in Atlanta. You by far dominate the outcome in this trade. I would take it immediately. Move Weeks into you 2B slot and then maybe shop Worley for a decent MI.
Trade #4
I’m a big Gallardo fan, especially after he dropped his BB/9 over 1.00 last year. He is only going to be 26 this year and is 200+K a year SP. He is a keeper and you should demand much more for him.
You asked if you are over valuing Cano. I say yes because he is that valuable and by the looks of the trades offered you many other GMs feel the same way.
Players I would look to move if they have hot starts would be Beltran and Holliday. Target a player like DeAza in Chicago or a prospect like Brett Jackson who will be called up soon for the Cubs. In Dynasty leagues you always want to move out the old and injured with youth. You should look to upgrade 10% of your team every year with youth. In the upcoming draft, target the best 2B/MI available and then as many Closers as you can. Get a large lead in Saves and then you can start to trade off closers for players that can bolster your lagging stats come the All-Star break. Hope this helps…now go win your league!!