Thursday, January 17, 2013

Corey's Take: D'Backs & Braves

By Corey R. Cunningham

Arizona Diamondbacks

Taking a look at 2012, the Diamondbacks finished 3rd in the NL West with a .500 record. Let’s look at potential up and coming players, and players who have fallen down the draft charts. Sophomore 1B Paul Goldschmidt is a pure power hitter, with a little tweaking to work on. Goldschmidt should add another 10 HR to his resume this year, and another 20 RBI. I feel very comfortable having him for a starting 1B on my team. Cody Ross, will be this years sleeper player for the Diamondbacks, as they welcome the newly acquired OF from the FA ranks. I see .275/19/79 stat line in the upcoming year for Ross, as he moves to a pitchers league in the NL. Adam Eaton looks to be the best rookie for the D-backs as of now, a pure lead off hitter with a ton of speed. Eaton would be a deep pick in any league, yet if you need a fill in depth charts, he is your man. Here is what Peter Gammons Tweeted about Eaton today "While the Upton/Kubel talks swirl, GMs think Adam Eaton(.456 AA OB%, .995 OPS) is, in one's words, "a sure thing with off-the-chart makeup". I look for the Diamondbacks to finish the 2013 season on a positive note, yet I do not believe it will be above .500 record, as everyone foresees them trading Justin Upton.

Atlanta Braves

            The Braves had a very successful 2012 season, and are looking to extend their playoff hopes in 2013 with some positive reinforcement. They acquired OF B.J. Upton, who should fit well in the No. 2 slot, unless the Braves fail to find a lead off hitter. With a much better offense in Atlanta, than Tampa, I look for Upton to have a line of .274/22/76/31. I can see Andrelton Simmons coming into play for the leadoff spot, yet his young power bat, may also keep him out of that hole, and place him in the 7th or 8th slot. Simmons was on his way to a huge rookie campaign before being sidelined by an injury which kept him out most of the season. I can see Simmons having a 15-20 HR year, and don’t be shy to take him early; I have him on my dynasty team. Look for the Braves to make another splash before spring training begins, possibly trading for B.J. Upton’s younger brother, Justin. If the Braves make this kind of noise, they will win the NL East division, and possibly be a World Series favorite.

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