Saturday, January 26, 2013

Corey's Take: Pale Hoses & Reds

By Corey R. Cunningham
Chicago White Sox

            The White Sox have had a slow off season thus far, with the biggest news coming early after the 2012 season ended with giving Jake Peavy a new deal to give the starting rotation a solid front line starter. Peavy went 11-12 last year, which was his worst stat of the year. He has the possibility of being a 15-18 game winner, and if they can add to the wins of last year, that is a great milestone to reach. Watch out for the new starting catcher in Tyler Flowers, who hit the market big when he was first drafted in the minor leagues, yet has fallen drastically in the rankings. Not much minor league talent hitting the market this year in Chicago, as to me it is one of the lowest talented minor leagues as a team. Flowers will be left in the FA market for almost all leagues, no need to grab him early, late or at all, he is more defense than offense. Sophomore SP Chris Sale, will be the one young pitcher to target early, as he may go anywhere from round 5-9 in any draft, especially dynasty league drafts. Flowers should have a stat line of .229/10/68, if he keeps his job all year, I will be surprised. Look for Sale and Peavy to be double digit game winners. Predicting Peavy has a line of 17-10, 3.74 ERA, and 179K. Sales’ line should be interesting to predict and I am going with 18-10, 3.35 ERA, and 212K. White sox will miss the playoffs again, with the Tigers winning the AL Central and just not enough room even with the extra wild card slot; record of 80-82.


Cincinnati Reds

            The Reds made some good moves this off season, the most important one was acquiring OF Shin-Soo Choo, and letting go OF Drew Stubbs. Both had similarities yet had big differences as well. With Choo, they are in the WIN-NOW mode, as most teams are if they have the talent. Choo will add a much better bat, and plate discipline, where Stubbs was a speed guy in the leadoff spot. With the lineup the Reds will have on opening day, I don’t see a true leadoff hitter, we will have to wait and see what Dusty Baker comes up with. The left side of the INF will be interesting, having Cozart at SS, and Frazier at 3B. Look for Frazier to jump off the draft boards way before Cozart. In some leagues Cozart may not even come off the boards, if he does it’s because of the lineup of the Reds, and his Run possibilities, although I see him as a 8th of the batting order type guy. Frazier will add to his totals from last year and looks to be more of the younger promising 3B in the league today. He should hit close to 25 HR, and bring in about 85 RBI, as he will more than likely be hitting 6th in the batting order. Jonathan Broxton will be one of the top closers coming into the season, as the Reds will have a high win total, and with the Reds working Aroldis Chapman into the starting rotation, look for Broxton to be one of the top 10 closers off the board. Not sure what to expect from Chapman this year, if he can have control, he should have 10 wins at least, although I am looking for his WHIP to be high. Reds should win the NL central again, with a record of 95-67.

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