Friday, January 11, 2013

Target & Avoid Baltimore Orioles

Target: Jim Johnson


The O’s veteran will have the Closers role sewed up with no competition as compared to last year. The reason is because he successfully closed out the year with 51 Saves in 12’. Not many will think he can replicate last year’s feat or that the O’s will contend again this year, especially with Toronto’s massive upgrade, that is to your advantage.

Well, I’m here to tell you the O’s will compete and Johnson will again be on the fringe of a top 10 Closer. He’s had back to back years with an ERA under 2.70 and my favorite stat prior to last year was his career numbers in save opportunities, though few its worth noting. They are sparkling as you will see: 0.79 ERA and a 2.8 K/BB ratio with a slash line against of .175/.221/.200 now compare that to Mario Rivera’s career slash line of .162/.205/.201 more than impressive.  Currently going in the 15th Rd at MDC he could anchor your bullpen this year. As always never go too early for Saves but don’t be left out either. Mid teens is late enough to grab your closers or if you are in an Auction draft he is worth a solid $8-9 this year. Look for a line of 3W 55K 2.87 ERA 1.11WHIP and 44 Saves.


Avoid: Manny Machado

With no SS eligibility and no signs of him moving out JJ Hardy look for Machado to be one of the most over-hyped players to be drafted. Do not be fooled. Not only will the sophomore slump hit him but he will finish near 30th for overall 3B this year. With a current ADP of 211 and being selected as high as 144 is delusional. The 20 year old will be lucky to crack 20 HR and will hit 8th and possibly 9th in Baltimore. That means no real RBI opportunities and loss of crucial ABs. With so many other choices at 3B this season avoid Machado at all costs. Look for a generous line this year of 19HR 56RBI 5SB .242BA that’s not even Mark Reynolds good.

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