Monday, January 21, 2013

Target & Avoid: Chicago White Sox

Target Tyler Flowers

C Tyler Flowers is now the No. 1 catcher in the wake of veteran C A.J. Pierzynski signing with Texas, and the Sox have spent the last month talking up the positives of having Flowers start.
Of course, it's just talk until Flowers can go out there and prove it on a consistent basis. Now Flowers is not an elite C or even a top 10 but he has legit power and could help any team, especially in 2C formats. His current ADP is 316 and that pick is coming in the last 2 rounds of a 12 team 28 man roster. I definite feel Flowers will out produce the 10 catchers being drafted ahead of him like Salty, Martin, Jaso, Suzuki, Castillo, Grandal, Ramos ect.  Look for a slash line of 21HR 60RBI .245BA.

Avoid John Danks

Danks has been throwing 40 pitches off the mound three times per week and said he's "cautiously optimistic" about his outlook for spring training. Danks provided little return for the White Sox after the team committed $65 million over five years to him last offseason, as the right-hander showed decreased velocity on his pitches that resulted in a 5.70 ERA before his season came to an end in May. Danks is a career .500 SP with a HR/9 at 1.1 and a K/9 at 6.8. With those peripherals and coming off major surgery he is not worth a draft pick. Just because a team throws bags of cash at a player does not mean he is will be fantasy relevant. Remember Barry Zito over the last 5 years. Avoid drafting him but keep him on your radar and monitor his progress through his first five starts. Remember that a SP coming off surgery will not perform well until the temps rise near 70 degrees, especially in Chicago.

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