Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Target & Avoid Cleveland Indians

Target Asdrubal Cabrera

The reason I am targeting Cabrera is a small blurb I heard from Francona after Swisher signed.
He stated Swisher will hit clean-up behind Cabrera. That puts Santana in the5 hole. If Cabrera can stick in the 3 slot as a SS that bumps his value way up in my eyes. A SS with a chance at 90RBI & 90R season, that puts him in top 5 rankings. Currently his ADP is 132 and the 9th SS off the board. After him SS falls to the early 200’s with Aybar. My plan is to avoid Desmond, Andrus and the aging Jeter and Rollins if I miss out in the top 4 SS then pick up Cabrera in RD 12 with my eyes looking for a 88/17/87/.272/12 line.


Avoid Jason Kipnis

With 2B a shallow position this year you have the Elite (Cano) the Good (Pedroia, Kinsler, Zobrist) then the Average…everyone else with no more than 2 counting roto stats and that includes the overrated Kipnis.  He played so far over his head in 2012 that his current ADP is completely unrealistic at 60 and the 4th 2B off the board. If you miss out on the top 4 noted earlier then wait 13 more rounds and pick up Weeks, Utley or Ackley at pick 195…all will have similar numbers to Kipnis and his 12 HR and 15 SB while hitting .265…just like Neil Walker. What you need to remember from 12’ was his 2nd half which had a line of 3HR 11SB while hitting .233. So if he gets to 15/15 in his sophomore slump season I will be shocked.

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