Sunday, January 27, 2013

Target & Avoid Minnesota Twins

Target Ryan Doumit

Come draft day many owners do not target Catchers until late middle rounds unless they want Buster Posey in RD 2. I too usually punt on Catcher early, looking for mostly Power/Speed guys or maybe an Ace in the early rounds. Then when it is time to fill that Catcher slot you should consider Ryan Doumit. He and V-Mart are the only 2 Catchers I want this year in any draft.  
What I look for in a catcher come draft day is multi-position eligibility, but necessarily to slot them in other position but with that flexibility it means more At-Bats, which equates to more counting stats. Last year Doumit was 9th in ABs for all Catchers and missed 25 games due to a thumb injury. So draft Doumit with confidence at around the 160’s mark and be sure to get 80% of the production that Posey will put up. Remember Doumit had career years in HR and RBI last year, while being shut down early due to injury. Look for a line of .277 18 HR, 81 RBI.


Avoid Trevor Plouffe

All the things that made Plouffe a great FA pick up in June last year have all gone by the way side. He had 4 position eligibility last year, this year only 3B and OF. When looking at his season numbers they don’t look to bad for a player with just 400ABs, but looking closer Plouffe finished out last season hitting .199 with 5HR and 17 RBI. With 23 HR in only 403 at-bats last season had showed he has some pop, but the streaky type players are practically useless in fantasy terms.  Just look at his 7 year career minor league numbers, 79 HR and a .257 BA, those are nothing even close to what a MLB 3B needs to produce to stay in the show. My prediction is Plouffe falters dramatically and once again moves to a utility role and gets less than 440 ABs this year. He may get close to 20 HR but his top side in Pedro Alverez and a .239 BA.

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