Monday, January 14, 2013

Target & Avoid: New York Yankees

Target Ichiro Suzuki


Last month I completed in my 1st draft of the year. I was able to get Ichiro in round 23; yes it was when he was still unsigned, but round 23 in a twelve team league? Currently he is the 56th OF off the board at pick 200. Last week he was being taken at 172 over at MDC.

With players like Maybin, Fowler, Pierre, Crisp and Cuddyer going before him he is now a steal at his current level. Not one of those players will hit anywhere near .300 and only a couple will put up double digits in both HR and SB. No, Ichiro is not going to hit 20+HR but he can get to 10. If Granderson can hit 40 to that short porch in right, Ichiro can do it 1x a month.  I also see Ichiro back in the leadoff spot for the Yankees. That pushes him close to a 100R season. So, 10HR, 95R and 33SB for an OF in the 17th RD…give me some of that. Ichiro is one OF I will be targeting in all my drafts if he stays at this current draft level. In auctions he will fall under $9 this year so bid with confidence.


Avoid Andy Pettitte

Pettitte will start the season as the Yankees #5 SP. What happens to #5 SP? They get skipped early and often to start the season. That puts Pettitte in line for only 120 innings this year. At that level he may pitch well be he will not put up the counting numbers you need to compete in Roto or H2H leagues. Currently the 85th SP off the board at MDC and being taken in just over 50% of drafts. Unless you are in a AL only league he may only be worth a FA pick up on 2 start weeks, but as far as a draft selection he is not worth a pick. Do not spend over $1 in auction leagues. Look for an 8Win season with an ERA at 4.00 and a 1.33 WHIP. Don’t forget he turns 41 this year.

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