Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Target & Avoid: Toronto Blue Jays

Target: Emilio Bonifacio

You have heard the old adage that you can get speed late in your draft. It is true, but even better is to get Speed with position flexibility.

Bonifacio will be eligible again this year at 2B/MI and OF. No I am not targeting him as my starting 2B but I do want him as a possible MI or my first bench player. I do feel he will get the nod over Izturis up North at 2B and he will hit 9th in that potent line-up. Bonifacio is the type of speedster who will steal 2 bases on consecutive pitches. Of course he has no power but could get a couple inside the parkers, I want him for Runs and SB. Currently going in the 19th RD at MDC in 12 team leagues he is a good pick once you get into the 200s in your draft, especially in H2H leagues where he alone can win your SB category for the week. Look for a line of 2 HR 55 RBI 70 R and 45 SB. Plus the ability to slide him various holes in your line-up.

Avoid: Sergio Santos

Though Santos was named the Closer last year he was hurt immediately. In came Janssen to close the remainder of the year and did a decent job. Now both are coming off shoulder surgery and the early word is Santos gets 1st look at Closing. Here is what you need to know about the Toronto Bullpen. % different pitcher collected Saves last year and only totaled 29 as a club. Those same 5 pitchers also racked up 11 losses. It might be true Santos get the early look but he will only be 9 months out from his shoulder surgery. At this point I put Toronto’s closer as a question mark until opening day. If you feel you must take Santos because you are short on Saves you need to handcuff him to another RP who could get a look.

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