Saturday, March 2, 2013

Target & Avoid Atlanta Braves

Target Kris Medlen

Medlen was drafted by the Braves in 2006 in the 10th round as a Junior College athlete who pitched and played shortstop which shows he is an athlete and not just a pitcher. Once he turned pro he amazed the scouts with his pitching. His first gig was as a closer where he posted a 0.41 ERA with a 36/2 K/BB. His next two stops were just as impressive with a 0.87 ERA 33/3 K/BB then a 1.13 ERA 28/7 K/BB. Since coming to the bigs he has been patient waiting his turn for a spot in the rotation. His pro career looks like this; 120 games with 30 starts, a career 19-8 record with a 2.85 ERA and a 1.11 WHIP…All-Star caliber. What I am trying to say is his minor league and big league numbers are no fluke, he is for real. Currently the 14 SP off the board with an ADP of 78 that I see will rise. If you are like me, I pass on taking a SP in the early rounds (1-5) a Verlander or Kershaw in the first couple of rounds is not going to win your league.  Get your hitters then build your staff after round 5 where Medlen is there as your Ace. A Medlen – Sale or a Medlen – Sabathia staff will match up with any staff that the moron who takes Verlander in the 1st round will run out there.  An added bonus is that Medlen still has RP eligibility, the best dual eligibility pitcher in the draft.


Avoid Dan Uggla

Sure I love a 2B eligible player with 30 HR power but not with a .230 average. The power does not compensate for the lack of average and speed. As he ages and the Braves get younger Uggla continues to move down in the line-up too. He will occupy the 7th hole all year and maybe even 8th in interleague games.  Currently the 13th 2B off the board with an ADP of 201 which will continue to sink once people start to see his spring training numbers that include 9Ks in 13ABs. At 2B this year you should get a player that will not hurt you in BA, has some pop with 15 HR potential and double digit steals, basically someone who will not drag your stats down but keeps them all steady at worst and above average at best. 2B has really 1 Elite player 4 near great players then 10 players that have 1-2 above average contributing stats. If you need to fill your MI with a 2B look more towards a now healthy Brian Roberts or Chase Utley who are being taken after Uggla and his career 1K per game average.

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  1. this is the only one I disagree on and woudl actually flip these players. I love Uggla at his ADP. Medlen is to risky for me considering where people are selecting him