Sunday, March 3, 2013

Target & Avoid Miami Marlins


Target Steve Cishek

Cishek took over the closer’s role over the last few months of 12’ after Bell continued to struggle. My analysis is he did very well collecting 15 Saves and putting up a 2.69 ERA. If you have not seen Cishek pitch he has that unorthodox delivery and has started throwing a changeup which will come in handy to keep lefties off balance.
His career numbers are solid with a 2.57 ERA and a 1.22 WHIP. Its amazing that the Marlins have only 1 player (Stanton) in the top 200 ADP. Cishek comes in at 202 currently. A good value for 25+ Saves this year and a 9.2 K/9. So you get Saves, great peripherals and solid Ks in a 16th round pick or later since most managers will be overlooking Cishek come draft day.

 Avoid Miami’s Starting Rotation

Miami has one of the weakest current rotations in baseball. Do they have potential? Yes, but not outside Dynasty Leagues. In those leagues I like Eovaldi and Turner as long as they can be kept on your farm team for another year. I see their rotation actually going throughout the season and not having a 10 game winner. Not sure when the last time that happened. Not only are the Wins not going to be there, the Ks will be absent too. As a rotation I have then averaging only 5.9K/9, it doesn’t get any worse than that. Unless you must have a SP to stream for a two start week in weekly line-ups let them rot on the waiver wire. I see their rotation as Nolasco, Alvarez, LeBlanc, Eovaldi, and Turner. Hard knocks for the young pitchers this year.

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  1. Considering I have never really heard of the Marlins staff, its pretty wise to stay away. Add to that the lack of run support they will see and you have little fantasy value here. Nolasco is a good pitcher but he was never of that much value when the Marlins had even a decent roster.