Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Roto Authority 'Pert Draft

I was invited to take part in the RotoAuthority silver pert big money league. This is a 5x5 Roto with daily line-ups 1500 IP. It consists of standard positions including 2C, CI, MI, 5OF 9P, 3B and 2DL. I had decided before draft that I was going to punt C & either MI or SS and stick to my valuations as closely as I could. I wanted at least 4 closers with an above average SP staff. I was lucky enough to secure the 3rd draft position and was hoping Miggy would fall to me but it was Braun so no real complaints.
Round 2 I had Reyes, H-Ram and Longoria pegged but all 3 went before me along with Verlander and Strasburg. That left me with Price and Hamels as the top 2 on my draft board. I do not like taking SP this early but I did want an elite staff and I was determined to stick with my draft prep. I took Price. The rest of the team after the break.
Round 3 which was just 5 picks later saw Pedroia, King Felix go before me,   I would have drafted either. I wanted a 1B and thought I could wait 1 more round for Goldy, A-Gon or Butler. Took Kinsler at a weak position with his 20/20 stats.
Round 4 saw all my 1B getting plucked off the board along with Craig from St. Louis, who I never wanted. Butler going   the pick just before mine, always a letdown when that happens.  Took best player on board with Holliday at pick 46. A .300 hitter with 30/100 numbers. So with round 4 in the books I am looking at 80-90 HR with 275 RBI and 50 SB to go along with 200K and 20 Wins. I am happy but need to score a 1B soon.
By Round 5 eight 1B had been selected and with a CI spot to fill also I snagged Rizzo, taking him at 51 when I had him slotted at 49. The banter was that I reached on Rizzo way to early and I should have waited or take Freeman, we will see. I had Freeman at 60. With many power hitting 3B still around I was sure I could get one next round. If you are like me when I make a pick I am looking 1 pick ahead through the first half of the draft.
By my turn in Round 6 I was floored to get the 3B I wanted. I saw Zimmerman, Sandoval, Lawrie go before me and I landed Aramis. I had Aramis ahead of all 3 and Headley too who went in round 5. At this point I am thrilled with the power and BA my team posses.
Round 7 started off with everyone asking how far Greinke would fall. I stated I would take him at pick 99 if he was still there. It must have worked because he was taken 2 pick after mine, sore elbow and all.  If you are like me you group your SP in bunches of 6 or 7, trying to get one from each or your tiers/bunches. Latos was grouped midway in my 2nd tier and had eyes on getting Gallardo next round too. If I did that I figured I could challenge the manager who took Verlander/Strasburg with the wrap pick in round 1. I would have 3 different 200k potential SP. I liked what I saw. I got Latos but missed on Gallardo by a few picks; I feel I had the best overall pick of round 7 with others going like Rollins, Andrus, and Ike Davis. I then went with more power and the top player on my board with Ryan Howard in Round 8 but wanted Rios after Gallardo fell, but he fell too.
Round 9 I took 2nd Closer off board and thought the run would start on Closers then. Only a few fell over the next two rounds. In Round 10 targeted Victorino but he went 1 spot ahead of me again so I took Aoki with a tad less power but better average.
Round 11 I really struggled and took clock down to under 5 seconds. Had Peavy, many closers, and Utley targeted. I felt Utley could be a boom/bust pick and hoped Peavy would be available next round. Took the former 1st round pick Utley due to Gammons and Olney talking about his perfect health in spring training.
Rounds 12-17 I was going to get my 4 total closers and round out my SP staff with more quality.
Round 18 took Morneau. Just have a feeling he ends up in Yankee Pinstripes once we hear Teixeira is down longer than expected. He will fill my Utility spot for the time being.
Rounds 19-21 Filled SS with Alexi and his 15/15 potential then went with late round speed in Pierre and Maybin.
Round 22 Lohse was a steal and will have a job soon, hopefully in the NL.
Round 23-24 took great players with bad injuries. Will put both on DL ASAP and pick up additional players. Selected Luebke and A-Rod.
Then I finally filled my 2 catcher roster spots; Iannetta, who I have as a great sleeper this year and the consistent Ellis for the Dodgers. These two last round picks I guarantee will outperform several of the other manager’s catchers by year’s end.
Ryan Braun (Mil - OF)
David Price (TB - SP)
Ian Kinsler (Tex - 2B)
Matt Holliday (StL - OF)
Anthony Rizzo (ChC - 1B)
Aramis Ramírez (Mil - 3B)
Mat Latos (Cin - SP)
Ryan Howard (Phi - 1B)
Jonathan Papelbon (Phi - RP)
Norichika Aoki (Mil - OF)
Chase Utley (Phi - 2B)
Huston Street (SD - RP)
Alejandro De Aza (CWS - OF)
Homer Bailey (Cin - SP)
Jason Grilli (Pit - RP)
Jarrod Parker (Oak - SP)
Grant Balfour (Oak - RP)
Justin Morneau (Min - 1B)
Alexei Ramírez (CWS - SS)
Juan Pierre (Mia - OF)
Cameron Maybin (SD - OF)
Kyle Lohse (StL - SP)
Cory Luebke (SD - SP)
Alex Rodríguez (NYY - 3B)
Chris Iannetta (LAA - C)
A.J. Ellis (LAD - C)

The only downfall to this team is its position flexibility. This has to be the first team I have ever drafted with no multi-position players. Overall this team is above average in all 10 counting stats and should finish in the money by years end.

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