Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big Timber Worth a Look

Who in MLB has a .643 BA with 2HR, 7 RBI and an OPS at 1.881 currently? It’s Matt Adams in St. Louis. I wrote a piece almost a year ago on Adams when Berkman went down and now he is relevant again. No, he is not going to take Craig’s place at 1B but he can slide into 1B if the often injured Beltran goes down or gets traded.
Adams had a dazzling MiLB career. In his 4 years in the Minors he never hit below .300 and never had an OPS under.896. He was a smasher while in the Minors, cracking 84 HR in just over 1400 ABs.
The new fan favorite in St. Louis has been dubbed Big City but to me he is more like Big Timber. A 230 pound left handed hitter in the mold of Dave Parker. At this time he is only owned in 6% of leagues and may not be an immediate pick up but soon St. Louis will have some away interleague games. That means a DH is needed and Adams will get the call in those games. Those 10 games do not start until late May, but until then Adams may only get 10-15 ABs a week. Not enough for Roto Leagues but a helpful player to have available in H2H leagues. I actually drafted Adams in 1 league this year but will be picking him up in the next couple of weeks in many leagues.  I feel Beltran is on the outs in St. Louis and will not be resigned so he is sure trade bait and when he is gone Adams gets everyday ABs.

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