Monday, April 15, 2013

Starting at 2B...Brett Lawrie...Huh?

Some interesting news from Blue Jays GM Anthopoulos about Brett Lawrie today; “Lawrie will continue to play 2B during his rehab assignment to give Toronto the option of playing him at 2B if needed.” Lawrie gaining 2B eligibility could be huge. He would move from a middle of the pack 3B to a top 5 2B after he gains eligibility. Lawrie, only 23, had a disappointing Rookie campaign with 11HR and 13 SB after being touted as a true 20/20 man at 3B in 2012 drafts. One reason for his less than stellar numbers in 12’ was that he missed significant time with a bad shin after diving for a ball in the camera pit.

So what is the fallout if Lawrie moves over to 2B? As the dominoes fall into place around the diamond, after Reyes' severe injury, I would predict Jose Bautista moves back to 3B. That would increase his value having the dual eligibility. Lawrie is no stranger to 2B because he played there regularly coming up through the Brewers organization. Then when Joey Bats goes to 3B that opens up a spot in the OF and we could see Anthony Gose get the call. Gose is hitting .313 to date in the minors. If you do not know Gose, he once put up a 70 SB season in the minors and is Jays top prospect. He has also been ranked Toronto’s Best defensive OF, Best OF arm, and Best base runner. So if you need help in your infield you may want to trade for Lawrie and if you want to add to your Dynasty Farm team look at Gose.

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