Thursday, April 4, 2013

Visionbusters Asks To Get Rated...‘Soitenly’

Visionbusters contacted FBV and wanted his team rated (good or bad). This is a 12 team 5X5 Roto League with 1C, 4OF, CI, MI 9P and 5 Bench. This league also has unlimited innings pitched and weekly line-ups. This current league consists mostly of the same managers for the last decade and Visionbusters won this league last year.

Mike Trout(LAA - OF)
Evan Longoria(TB - 3B)
Justin Upton(Atl - OF)
Adam Wainwright(StL - SP)
Allen Craig(StL - 1B,OF)
Mat Latos(Cin - SP)
Aroldis Chapman(Cin - RP)
Matt Wieters(Bal - C)
Roy Halladay(Phi - SP)
Chase Headley(SD - 3B)
Rickie Weeks(Mil - 2B)
Derek Jeter(NYY - SS)
Dan Uggla(Atl - 2B)
Carl Crawford(LAD - OF)
Ichiro Suzuki(NYY - OF)
Brett Gardner(NYY - OF)
Alex Cobb(TB - SP)
Trevor Cahill(Ari - SP)
Clay Buchholz(Bos - SP)
Shaun Marcum(NYM - SP)
Al Alburquerque(Det - RP)
Lance Berkman(Tex - 1B)
Wil Myers(TB - OF)
David Murphy(Tex - OF)
Adam Lind(Tor - 1B)
Daniel Straily(Oak - SP)

With the 1st overall pick Visionbusters went with the super Sophomore Trout and had great a great wraparound with Longo and Upton. From there I have some concerns…mostly injury, aging and overhyped. The injury concerns are Headley (thumb) out 1 month, Jeter (ankle) out 1 month, Marcum (arm & neck) day to day...But aren’t we all, Crawford (arm). The age concern is Berkman and Halladay. With velocity off the 35 year old stock has dropped from previous years. The overhyped IMO is Allen Craig. I will be surprised if he hits .290 with 25 HR. Not bad numbers but not elite. If Trout does not hold up as a 1st round pick this team could be in trouble…especially until the injured players come back full strength. By that time it may be too late climb up the leader board.

Runs: Average: This is where the injuries may be the most notable. With Jeter out Ichiro and Gardner will move into the lead off spots. Gardner is no leadoff hitter and the Yankees as a whole are beat up. Wieters could lead all C in Runs scored this year.

Average: Average: Trout, Jeter, Craig will all have to replicate last year’s numbers for this team to be above average and Berkman needs to stay healthy. Uggla always a drain.

Stolen Bases: Average: Trout and Gardner (who may not get regular playing time with this roster) can put up nearly 100. From there Ichiro, Jeter and Crawford will not be running as much as they did a few years back and Weeks only has 1 season over 15 SB in the last 5 years. Upton should get 15.

Home Runs: Above Average: Much will depend on Berkman and Headley returning to form. There is the potential to have 6 legit 30 HR hitters here. It should take nearly 300 to win the HR category.

RBI: Above Average: Those HR hitter can carry you to a high RBI mark.  

Wins: As always the most unpredictable stat in Roto. Your top 2 SP can get you 35 Wins but from there you have concerns. Cobb, Cahill, and Straily are only 8 games over .500 for their short careers. Though I do like them Cobb and Straily are virtually untested over the long haul and may be on an innings limit this year.

Saves: Below Average: Only 2 Closers for sure. You need some vulture saves along the way or trade for another.

ERA:  Above Average: Wainwright and Latos are proven pitchers, Straily pitches in a pitchers park. Halladay, if bad, could be really bad, then Cobb and Buchholz pitch in the powerful AL East.

WHIP: Elite: Once again Wainwright and Latos dominate this category and you have 2 of the best RPs for WHIP.

Ks: Elite: With your entire staff almost averaging 9K/9 you should dominate all year.

My conclusion is you finish the season

Runs 6

Average 7

Stolen Bases 8

Home Runs 8


Wins 6

Saves 3



Ks 11

Total 76 Points and a 4th Place Finish

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