Monday, July 8, 2013

League Updates

I have been down with a jacked up knee for 5 weeks now. It has cost me time with my kids and wife, ability to work effectively and time away from Fantasy Baseball. Nothing is worse than being injured. So what I need is a vacation so I am heading to Northern Michigan over All-Star weekend.  

I thought this would be a good time to give updates on my Fantasy teams. With the injury, it has kept me from being as engaged as I would have liked on an everyday basis. I had missed out on some great call-ups, line-up changes and waiver claims. Anyway, overall I am having a decent baseball season but it could be better. Here are links to my leagues.

Money where I am currently in 1st place, 12 team 5X5 Roto.  Even with Kemp and Reyes going down for extended time I have been able to maintain a great standing. My pitching has been very dominating in this competitive league led by Scherzer, Bumgarner and a trade of Samardzija. Best pick up was getting Josh Donaldson for Ryu in early May. Currently next to last in Average so if I can pick that up could sail to a victory.

4th year Dynasty League where I have finished 1st, 1st and 2nd since its inception. Currently 3rd after dropping from 2nd last week. Daily 6x6 H2H league with OPS and Saves. This is one league that has suffered due to my injury. Just haven’t been as engaged in streaming players on short scheduled days and moved Puig before his call-up for Hamels and Nick Franklin. 12 team league where two managers have bailed. Will have openings if interested…let me know.

Auction Public Yahoo League. Currently 2nd place and 5 point behind. I have bounced in and out of 1st most of the year. 6 of 10 counting stats are in double digits with worst being Wins which I sit at 5.5 points. Best auction draft was Machado for $1…he will be at $30 next year.

Roto Authority Invite 5X5 Roto Money League. Highly competitive league and currently I am in 8th place and 38 points behind. In early May I was actually in 2nd place but have free fallen since. I actually think I only posted 10 HR in the last 3 weeks of May.  Braun, Utley, Morneau, Howard and Aramis have hurt me as much as my knee hurts. Injuries are just part of Fantasy as in life….but they still hurt. Another problem with this team is I had no multi-position players so line-up flexibility was nonexistent. I will never do that again.

Razzball Commenter League. Currently 4th and 21 points behind. The 3 teams ahead of me are all at 90 points and I am at 69. Probably not going to compete for a championship but will try and hold on to my position. Personally I do not like the ESPN format but I play 1 of Razzball’s 40+ leagues every year.  The format of this league relies too heavily on staying healthy; only 1 DL spot and 3 bench spots. Biggest hurts have been Price and Braun. If those two were healthy or I had more DL room I could have gained another 5 points or so. I currently lead league in Ks but am next to last in HRs. The rest of my counting stats are 7,8s and 9s.

The most unconventional league I am participating in this year. Nearly everyone is a writer of fantasy sports and the counting categories are as follows:  Hitting OPB, SLG, PA, RP(runs produced), SB-CS. Pitching BB/9, HR/9 K-W/PA, K/9, RA(Runs allowed). Was in 1st for a month, then 2nd for 6 weeks and now currently 4th. This league has huge roster with contracts and minor leaguers. Just recently I had 12 on DL…yeah I know. Biggest hurts were Tolu, Reyes, Peavy, Burnett, Halladay, Youk. Still think I can finish 3rd or even 2nd when I get healthy. That would put me in the money.  

Hope to have many more consistent postings and analysis after All-Star break. Sorry for such limited content during my injury and rehab. I appreciate all the readers that have contacted me and wished me well.

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