Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Fantasy Pickups for September

By John Campbell

With one month left in the MLB regular season, fantasy baseball owners are looking to make some smart moves to position themselves for a title run. In order to do that, it is very important to stay on top of the game in general. Teams are shutting down players left and right due to injuries, and that means other players are going to get a chance to have success. Baseball in the month of September is much different than in April. Here’s a look at 3 guys available in more than half of the fantasy baseball leagues out there. They should all be able to have quite a bit of success in the last month, so pick them up if there is space.


Jake Odorizzi


For one reason or another, fantasy baseball owners are pretty slow to pick up on Odorizzi this season. Perhaps they are scared off by a slow start to the regular season, but the 24-year-old still has plenty of potential. In a recent start against the Baltimore Orioles, he was absolutely dominated. Some people in fantasy baseball might be a little scared off by that, but he is a guy who has been solid since the All-Star break other than that appearance. Considering the fact that he strikes out hitters at a high rate, he is worth the gamble down the stretch.


Arismendy Alcantara


At this stage in the season, versatility is key. There are very few solid players available in free agencies that have eligibility at 3 different positions in fantasy baseball. Alcantara can play at 2nd base, shortstop or outfield if need be. His batting average is not very high, but he is someone who can contribute decent power numbers and speed. Now that he’s getting a chance to play every single day, he’s going to put up numbers.


Michael Wacha


After starring in the playoffs last year, Wacha has battled through a pretty rough 2014 regular season. He has been injured for a while now, but the 23-year-old is now getting a chance to contribute down the stretch. He has been rehabbing nicely in the minor-league system, but as soon as the year is over in the minors, St. Louis could call him up and use him right away. Grab him now before he is officially back in the rotation.