Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fix My Team...The 20 Stat League...Category Overload

 I'm a first year fantasy player playing in a Yahoo H2H scoring league with 10 Teams & 20 scoring categories (R,H,RBI,SB,W,K,E,Avg,Obp,Slug,)
  (W,L,CG,SHO,SV,K,ERA,Whip,K/BB,K/9,BSV)My roster is as Follows; I'm currently 7th in the league @106-111-25 six games behind 3rd, & 17.5 from first.

C-Yadier Molina                               SP-Alexi Ogando
1B-Mark Teixeira                              SP-Ryan Vogelsong
2B- Dustin Pedroia                            SP-Tim Hudson
3B-Placido Palanco                           SP-Dillon Gee
SS-Troy Tulo.                                  RP-Houston Street
CF-Adam Jones                                RP-Craig Kimbrel
OF-Matt Joyce                                 RP-Jonny Venters 
OF-Michael Morse                           BN-Carlos Carrasco
Util-Justin Upton                              BN-Zach Britton
BN-Carlos Quentin                           BN-Erick Bedard
BN-Mitch Moreland                          BN-Ted Lilly

Recently had a player trade Jose Reyes, Thought about offering Tulo for Roy Halladay, & adding J.J. Hardy or Yunel Escobar via FA.
                                                          Thank you for your time,

Wow Dale, where to begin? For a virgin fantasy player you sure did pick a monster league to get started with. Personally I have never played in more than a 6X6 Roto League. 20 counting stats in nearly insane to keep tabs on and value players. Any reason your league didn’t add a HBP stat too? Just kidding.
As far as your offer of Tulo for Halladay I would try and push that through. Your hitters definitely outweigh your pitching staff at this point. I am assuming you are losing in your pitching stats. If you could pull off the trade you are proposing then yes you should definitely pick up Hardy. If the other manager won’t come off Halladay, shop Tulo around for a couple of 2nd tier SPs that have high K/9 ratios and will pitch 200 innings this year. The addition of those two could definitely bring up your pitching stats. Pair someone with a Hamels or Ian Kennedy type that are on contending teams and can pick you up Wins too. You should pick up Cory Luebke, who I spotlighted yesterday, I’m sure he is available in your league.
On a side not you may want to look into a bench hitter that has multi-position eligibility that can be put into your roster when a regular gets a day off or the team has an off day. This would include an Omar Infante, or Jamey Carroll type, I think they both still have 4 position eligibility.
Hope you are enjoying your league and are not feeling overwhelmed by the 20 counting stats. Next year maybe try a more conventional 5x5 league. Thanks for the question and good luck.

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