Saturday, July 14, 2012

Safe Play or Risk It All

Bt Corey R. Cunningham

Most leagues by now have plenty of room between playoff teams and non playoff teams, at least the gaps are far apart to a point where managers will know if they will be buyers or sellers come the trade deadline. This key point will play a key role in your remaining weeks of your team as a manager. You will need to narrow down your wants, and needs of the team, and remember not all big moves make impacts; small moves also have an impact on a fantasy team.

You may have a stacked offensive lineup, however, come pitching your weak in depth, and pending on your categories it can make or break you. Keep in mind, you always want to have a set lineup and always want to make sure you have key bench players, it takes too much time to think about which players to bench and which players to start every week, it is rather simple; Play the best players available, bench the worst players. Even if an offensive guy goes 0-12 in 3 games and a bench player goes 6-12 those particular games you have him on the bench, I can guarantee you if you switch the two players, you will get opposite results, it is just the way it works.

If you deal in trade picks, and you’re a seller, go after minor league picks or high to mid level draft picks, don’t just settle for bottom of the barrel picks, remember you have the upper hand in dealing when it comes time to the trade deadline. Make yourself a list of your potential keepers, i.e. players that are staying, and players that you could move.

Always try to increase your depth as much as you can, when possible. Never leave 2-3 good SP on the table for 1 bat. For example, I had seen a trade offer acceptance looking like this. Jacoby Ellsbury for C.J. Wilson, Scott Diamond, and Matt Harrison. Pending on your roster and keepers this is a win-win situation for both; however, I give the trophy to the 3 deep SP rotations. Normally Ellsbury for Wilson could be straight up possibly a little add on for C.J. Wilson, however, that team ended up with 1 “B” tier arm and 2 “C” tier arms. Ellsbury is injury prone as all baseball players are, however, Ellsbury is getting top notch “A” tier respect due to one great season of fundamental baseball. Ask Eric Hosmer owners what they think of one year wonders, or should I say sophomore slumps.

If you are a buyer, go strong, go hard, get what you need and if your close to the trophy, or money, give up what you need to, to an extent. Take a look at your categories under the “stats” and see where you are most comfortable, and perhaps take a look at giving up a guy where you can afford to lose him and not be affected that much, second, look in landing a guy where your stats are weak. I am making my comparison to a trade offer most recently in a public league, SP Felix Hernandez for Joe Mauer, and Paul Goldschmidt. This is a tight deal, and many would lean towards King Felix, and if I needed pitching I would give up both Mauer and Goldschmidt in a heartbeat for Hernandez. All players give you most categories and when you need certain categories it never hurts to gain in others as well.

It is the second half of the season, stay cool, calm and collective if you’re in the hunt, pay attention to the FA and the Waiver Wire players, and pay close particular attention to September call up rumors. If you’re not in the hunt, go after picks, and stock up on draft day as it will be much needed help from your disappointing season. Good luck to all, and may the best management team win.

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