Sunday, July 29, 2012

A game called, "If I were GM"

By Corey R. Cunningham

In recent trade talk rumors, I have learned 3B Chase Headley is being watched closely by two teams, The Baltimore Orioles, and the Philadelphia Phillies. A couple days ago I wrote an article about the Phillies and their trade chips and at the time they were sellers, with talks of trading Hamel's, Pence, Wigginton, Rollins, Victorino and Polanco. We are going to take a look at a position of GM from both the O's and Phillies and I will act as the GM from the Padres in an asking price for Chase Headley. These two teams would not be my top choice of teams to choose from by prospect wise, however, it may be their only option from quantity over quality.

This is Kevin Towers calling from the Padres, I know your team is interested in my young 3B Headley and we are fielding offers for him; however, it will take some young talent to nab him. I am looking through your minor leagues and I like several players and I hear your set on not trading Manny Machado, or Dylan Bundy. Let’s not talk those two players, and give me a package like this: 2B/3B Nick Delmonico, OF L.J. Hoes, RHP Clayton Schrader, and 3B Mark Reynolds.

The above package may not be the best suitable package for Headly, yet, the O's are not moving their top two prized prospects, that being said, everyone else should be available. In the asking package, it gives you players at every position, with Delmonico staying at 2B, and Hoes taking over in the OF and having Reynolds fill your vacancy at 3B. With the sighing of Carlos Quentin and young guys like Guzman, Alonso and Grandal, look for the Padres to bring some pressure to the NL West in 2014 if they get a suitable package.

This is Kevin Towers calling from the Padres, we hear the Phillies are interested in our young 3B Chase Headley. We are very interested in your minor league prospects, and we could get a deal moving if you’re willing to part with some young talent. We would not be asking for several minor league players, however, we would like 2 nice prospects with a 3rd player thrown in, let me give you a stance on what we are interested in. LHP Jesse Biddle, RHP Jonathan Pettibone, and 2B Cesar Hernandez. We feel these 3 players could land Headley and we are interested in listening to counter offers.

The above asking package from the Padres to the Phillies is much better than the O's package; Biddle could solidify the No 2 spot in a rotation, especially if he was pitching at Pet co Park. Prospect Casey Kelly is waiting in the wings in the Padres minor leagues, so I am sure GM Kevin Towers is anxious in getting another solid SP to make a nice 1-2 punch.

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