Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Baseball Logos

During this hot stove timeframe of Fantasy Baseball I thought it would be fun to take a look at the new logos for 3 baseball teams. The Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles have each proclaimed that they will revert back to previously utilized logos. One of my all time favorite was the cartoon version of the Oriole for Baltimore. The cleated Oriole with the bat was used from 1966-1991. To me it brings back the days of Earl Weaver swearing at umpires and getting ejected. Here is one of my favorite Earl sound bites from his pregame show (warning: bad language but classic Weaver).
The Blue Jays are going with a slightly modified version of their blue jay silhouette that they had in use from their inception in 1977 thru 1996. It has the classic maple leaf which signifies Toronto and Canada. When I think Blue Jays I think Joe Carter’s World Series winning home run.
Next are the Marlins, the new Miami Marlins. I find this new logo hard to describe in baseball terms. It’s a four colored M with a red/orange, white and blue Nike-esque Marlin swimming (or flying) around the M. I have heard they will sport the red/orange home jerseys with Marlins across chest along with classic white and classic black ones that sport Miami. If you are looking for the classic, clean, or traditional baseball uniform these could not be farther from them. The first thought that crossed my mind were the uni’s and floor from that classic 70’s movie The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. (Scroll to bottom of page after clicking the link) Then it hit me. Its the same logo for some Indian Casino I have visited.
All 3 logos can be found here:

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