Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is Billy Hamilton's Speed Worth A Roster Space Today?

If and when do you pick up Billy Hamilton and his speed? In my big money Roto League I am currently in 1st place by 4 points. I am 2nd in SB (12 behind) the 2nd place overall manager in my league. I am also 16 ahead of the 3rd place team in SBs. If I overtake him in SB I have just about locked up a Championship.  The dilemma is, I currently have no roster space and I am not convinced the Reds will give him a call-up. If they do call him up. Will he only be used as a pinch runner?
Let’s look at what he accomplished this year; between two minor league stops he set the single season SB record of 146, eclipsing Vince Coleman’s previous record.  He is not the greatest of hitters but he has increased his BB-K ratio this year quite dramatically. He went from 52/133 to a respectable 77/101. Those extra walks are what put him in the position to make a run at the SB record.
With only SS eligibility and Cozart blocking any playing time it’s hard to justify a critical roster space for a player who may only contribute in 1 counting category. In addition I hate to pull the trigger so early and lose flexible roster space with a possible big payday looming with a championship. If you are in the same dilemma, I feel for you. Hamilton is only owned in 2% of leagues thus far but once the word gets out he is being called up that number will spike tremendously. If I do make this move for the Usain Bolt of baseball it will be before the end of weekend. I will keep you posted.

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