Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time To Buy Low

Earlier in the week we discussed some undrafted gold through the first 40% of the season. Now it is time to look at some highly drafted players who could be great buy low candidates. The struggling stars can help bolster your squad for the 2nd half of the season. I have given you players at each hitting position that can give you a competitive advantage going forward. I feel every one of these players is definitely poised to rebound and should be targeted now for trades. When going after these players look what need the current managers has and fill it for him while pilfering the player you want. He are the players you should target for trades immediately.

C Matt Wieters: Currently 11th in catcher ranking. He will finish as a top 5 catcher because his career OPS in the 2nd half is 50 points better than it is currently.

1B Ryan Howard: Some think he is old and plays hurt but what you need to know is his first half OPS is .853 and his second half is .962 over a 10 year career. He has 6 straight years of a second half OPS increase.

2B Martin Prado: Bad luck is all that Prado is experiencing. His current BABIP is .262 with a league average of .297 and his career BABIP is .317…that’s a lot of balls not getting through for hits, so he is well overdue.

SS Starlin Castro: If you read my blog you know I am a Cubs fan and watch Castro all the time. I have never been as high as others on him but currently he is just at all time lows in BB 4%, highs in Ks17% and low at BABIP .282. This 200 hit a year player will get his hits but not the power.

OF Jason Heyward: Such a slow start, then the surgery. Remember Dunn struggled few years back with same surgery. Anyway he has 6 multi-hit games in June and should get some rest occasionally so Gattis can play. The window on Heyward is closing fast so make some offers.

OF Giancarlo Stanton: Just throw out to his current manager that he is dead last statistically of all 3 hole hitters and that he will not see anything to hit due to the Marlins poor team.

OF BJ Upton: Could it get any worse for the older Upton Brother? Negative. In his last 10 he is hitting .258 with 2HR and a double. The base stealer who averages over 30 a year will be putting up some great numbers over the next two months and he will finish with stats near to where his career numbers are. He is one I am trying hard to get in a couple of leagues.

U Victor Martinez: Just a profession hitter who gets to hit behind Miggy and Prince. Who couldn’t put up counting stats with those hitting machines always on base. He is back to hitting over .300 in his last 20 with some pop too.

CI Justin Morneau: He is finally healthy and hitting…just not for power. I see him going on a 10 HR barrage over a couple week period very soon. He is hitting .297 with an OBP of .351. Probably the easiest of all players on this list to get.

MI Rickie Weeks: Recently put in a quasi-platoon at 2nd. That won’t last for long and should spark a fire in Weeks. Look for some added power and SB when he gets his shot.

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