Monday, April 8, 2013

New K Record for the AAAstros

Last week during my predictions here, I mentioned just how bad the Astros will be in 2013. From this point on I will refer to the Astros as the AAAstros…get it…Triple A team. Anyway, the AAAstros are on pace to crush the all time team strikeout record set by the 2010 Chris Young and Mark Reynolds D’Backs. That year they whiffed 1529 times. To date the AAAstros have 74 Ks in just 6 games. That works out to be 12.33 per game and a pace of 1998 for the season. A historically bad work in progress that we will witness this year. So why do I mention this feat of ineptitude? Because you need to take advantage of their incompetence by running out any and all SP that face the AAAStros all year. With 6 of their regulars having a K rate over 20%, the Ks for your SPs will come easy and often. You have no need to worry about your peripherals or who you are streaming. Take the Ks and 65% of the time getting a Win to boot. Here are the career K rates for the AAAstros starters:

Altuve             12.1%

Wallace           27.9%

Carter              33.3%

Pena                26.8%

Ankiel             25.3% 

Dominguez      14.9%

Castro              20.2%

Gonzalez         13.5% 

You can pick up Maurer for Seattle on 4/9 only 3% owned.

You can pick up Beavan on 4/10 only 1% owned.

You can pick up Hanson on 4/12 only 42% owned.

This strategy will get out quickly so remember you heard it here first and take advantage of a historically bad team.

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