Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fix My Team...Help My Draft

Jared writes,
 We are currently going through an offline draft on ProBoards....
 [I had last pick out of 10 teams]

1) Robby Cano
2) Ryan Zimmerman
3) Joe Mauer
4) Andrew McCutchen
5) Clayton Kershaw
6) Josh Johnson
7) Mike Stanton

Here's my prospect team : (1st pick)

1) Bryce Harper
2) Manny Machado
3) Brett Lawrie
4) Miguel Sano
5) Gary Sanchez
6) Danny Espinosa

I LOVE my farm team - We are in the 6th round FYI

Thanks for any help at all on any draft strategies I should use or what position you think I should draft next!

So far Jared, you have a nice balanced team. Stanton came a little early for my tastes but he is one of the few in MLB with 50 HR power down the road. We need to get the infield rounded out with both a 1B and CI. Your MI can wait. I’m assuming most/all of the elite 1B have been taken so that leads me to Konerko.  He would be a nice compliment to your team giving both power and RBI potential. If not Konerko you could reach for Butler a couple of round later. If you pass on both, wait 10 more rounds and pick up Gaby Sanchez in the late teen rounds, he will still be there. If you punt for now on 1B grab Alexei at SS, he is my AL leading SS this year.
 For CI I would target Mark Reynolds, he has fallen out of favor over the last year due to his low BA. I like Reynolds to improve this year due to being surrounded by better talent now that he is in Baltimore. He will be a monster batting around Vlad, DLee, Markakis, and AJones. An alternative to Reynolds could be McGehee in Milwaukee. McGehee will not give you the SB and 40 HR potential like Reynolds but offers power at CI and an adequate BA.

If you would prefer a pitcher in the next spot you could lock up your staff with another ace. In this round you would have Hanson, Carpenter, and Oswalt still available. I truly do not believe the run on closers will start until rounds 10/11 so be patient on closers until then.

Do not worry about rounding out your OF at this point. Value can be had with Markakis, Bourne, Pierre, and Stubbs in the mid/early teen rounds.

As far as your prospects, what can I say but All-Star team? When I am in a Dynasty league drafting prospects, I try and cover all positions. You should look for a 1B like Brandon Belt, a SP like Drew Pomeranz, and then a powerful OF like Nick Weglarz. These three all have potential to break camp and start in 2012.

Now go out and dominate your league.

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