Friday, February 25, 2011

Fix My Team...Keeper Draft

Donnie writes in asking “Is drafting Longoria 3rd a reach in a 10 team keeper league”?
There are several more challenges that go into getting prepared for a keeper draft than there is in doing an annual draft that starts new each season. If you are in your initial draft in a keeper league, the first draft his HUGE! One of the most important strategies for a keeper league is to draft to win. A lot of managers can get caught up in drafting the hot prospects in the early rounds, just to end up dropping them a few weeks in. The first rule of the keeper draft is obtaining players who will help you win NOW. Be assured there will be plenty of long term prospects to acquire later in your draft.
As far as Longoria goes, the depth at third is again somewhat deceiving for a keeper league. The only true young 3B with 5 stat capabilities are Longoria and Wright. I call this the top hitters at weak positions rule in keeper leagues. Every position only has handful young but proven players that can contribute across all categories. Longoria is one of these players.
So to answer your question, Longoria is not a stretch to draft 3rd overall in your keeper league. The true test will come with your next 2 picks. It then comes down to who you see as the best long range outlook/players to round out your initial picks. The hope is these initial picks will carry your team for a few years. You should back Longoria up with a power hitting 1B in the next round followed by someone with 20/20 potential like Choo, Kemp, Kinsler, or Reyes in round 3. Good luck Donnie and thanks for the question.

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