Friday, February 15, 2013

Target & Avoid Los Angeles Angels


Target Peter Bourjos

With such a potent lineup the Angels have, the forgotten man is the speedy Peter Bourjos.  Bourjos was the hyped rookie before most had heard of Mike Trout. He is just 2 years removed from a 12HR 22SB season and now that he is 26 he is a little more mature and does not have to worry about playing time.
Not often do I recommend a player hitting in the ninth hole but I see Bourjos getting a chance in the 2 hole if he can take a few more BB and cut down his Ks. So if Erick Aybar, Alberto Callaspo, or Howie Kendrick falters he gets his chance. If he can improve on the Ks and just make a little contact to beat out some infield singles his average could jump to the .270 range. Just think, he could be slotted between Trout and Pujols. In any 5 OF formats I play in this year Bourjos will be targeted by this manager. His current ADP of 259 and the 75 OF off the board means he isn’t even being drafted in 12 team leagues too often. He is a great last round pick with huge upside this year. Look for a .265 14HR 55RBI 28SB season. His Runs scored will fluctuate with his place in the batting order.


Avoid Tommy Hanson

The former top 3 prospect back in 2009, Hanson’s recent trade from Atlanta should signal red flags. Not often does a relatively cheap arbitration eligible SP get moved for a set up man. But that’s what happened to Hanson. That means Atlanta had huge concerns about his declining velocity. Looking at his numbers he has been nearly awful since his injuries. His HR and walk rate have ballooned and his most recent 50 IP brought on a 5.00 ERA. That ERA has increased every year since his rookie campaign. If any team knows pitching it is the Braves. So when they cut bait on a SP you should too. Look for some decent K numbers but that will go with a 4.50 ERA and a WHIP north of 1.30 now that he is in the AL.

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