Thursday, March 15, 2012

Starting Rotations NL East

Today we focus on the NL East and their starting rotations. From top to bottom this division may have the most complete rotations in all of baseball. It has a former Cy Young winner returning from injury. Another former ace, Zambrano with 6 opening day starts, that is now in a 5th rotation spot. The phenom in Washington is here too.  If you staffed your entire fantasy team with NL East SP you could possible dominate your league.

1. RHP Tim Hudson
2. RHP Jair Jurrjens
3. RHP Tommy Hanson
4. RHP Brandon Beachy
5. LHP Mike Minor

Never really liked Hanson’s delivery and I am no doctor but that hitch/pause in his delivery just doesn’t look like a fluid motion. Last year’s injury was classified as a small/little tear in the rotator cuff. To me that is like saying “Oh she is just a little pregnant”. Currently Hanson is going around pick 92 and the 25th SP off the board. I would rather wait 25-30 picks and select Jordan Zimmerman or Anibal Sanchez for my 2nd SP come draft day.

1. RHP Josh Johnson
2. LHP Mark Buehrle
3. RHP Anibal Sanchez
4. RHP Ricky Nolasco
5. RHP Carlos Zambrano

Like I stated earlier I am a big Sanchez fan this year. I have completed many mock drafts this winter and Sánchez is consistently the last 200K pitcher off the board. If you have to reach for him this year do it. Remember too, the Marlins are moving into a pitcher friendly park. At this time Sanchez is being picked from 99th to 192nd in mock drafts. I have been monitoring his ADP and it is constantly climbing from a 16th round selection to a 9th.

1. LHP Johan Santana
2. RHP R.A. Dickey
3. LHP Jon Niese
4. RHP Mike Pelfrey
5. RHP Dillon Gee

The big question for the Mets is can Johan return. They are banking on an opening day start from him and pushing him towards that in their marketing campaign. So far this spring Santana is showing 88 mph velocity and has hit 90mph a couple of times. He will never be the type of pitcher he was 5 years ago but if he can become a little crafty with his pitches, going from a hard thrower to a more finesse guy he could return some decent dividends. At pick 225 he is worth his value and could have tremendous upside. Keep in mind the Mets will be awful this year and could contend with the Astros as the worst team in the NL.

1. RHP Roy Halladay
2. LHP Cliff Lee
3. LHP Cole Hamels
4. RHP Joe Blanton
5. RHP Vance Worley

Only the best 1-2-3 in all of baseball. For me it is going to be Cole Hamels who I will be targeting. He will go a round or two after Halladay and Lee and will has the better upside due to his age at 29 compared to 35 &34 for the other two. I am looking to pick up Hamels in every draft this year. What helps this staff even more, as if they needed any more help, is Paplebon closing out and preserving their Wins. Truly you can drat this entire rotation with confidence.

1. RHP Stephen Strasburg
2. LHP Gio Gonzalez
3. RHP Jordan Zimmermann
4. RHP Edwin Jackson
5. RHP Chien-Ming Wang

This squad has the potential to be as good as the Phillies in a couple of years. Gio and Zimmermann would make great back to back or wrap around picks for any team. They would be 2 and 2A anchoring your squad. They pitch in a pitcher friendly park and have a more mature offense this year. Both have the possible 200K arms and will put up double digit wins.

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