Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 30 SP 1-10

When putting together rankings for a SP you must look at peripheral stats. These are the stats that show how a pitcher is actually doing.  ERA and WHIP are important, of course, and it’s obvious that you wouldn’t rank a guy with a 6.35 ERA just because he has 14 wins last year. My personal favorite pitching stat is Ks. Not only will this take you to the lead in one of your league categories but it has ripple effects across other categories. If a SP can K a batter it has now helped by lowering his WHIP because he has not letting anyone on base and helps your ERA by not letting that batter reach base and score. Wins are the most arbitrary stat in fantasy baseball because some are deserved; some are completely random and some slip right through your fingers. So remember when drafting, do not chase wins chase good pitching.
Here are my rankings for SP this season. One glaring omission you may see is the absence of Adam Wainwright. My concern was him missing his last two starts in 2010 and the rumors he may still be experiencing muscle strain. Here is what was said at the end of last year. Wainwright unlikely to pitch again in 2010: Cardinals SP Adam Wainwright will skip his next start and the team says it's unlikely he'll pitch again this season. The right-hander was scheduled to make his next start on Thursday against the Rockies, but an MRI exam on Monday revealed a right forearm muscle strain. Just something to keep your eye on come draft day. Keep a close eye on the Cardinals if they start adding starting pitching by a trade.

                                My projections for 2011

1.Roy Halladay-Phillies183.311.137.2
2.Tim Lincecum-Giants         193.271.2110.1
3. King Felix-Mariners         163.331.198.1
4. Cliff Lee-Phillies       143.381.156.9
5. Josh Johnson-Marlins      173.341.227.6
6. CC Sabathia-Yankees         203.541.237.4
7. Zack Greinke-B'crew     143.551.238.3
8. Jon Lester-Red Sox        163.811.258.6
9. Cole Hamels-Phillies        143.711.238.1
10. Dan Haren-Angels         153.791.298.3

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