Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 40 Outfielders 21-30

21.  Jay Bruce – Reds
22.  Chris Young – D’Backs
23.  Drew Stubbs – Reds
24.  Torii Hunter – Angels
25.  Grady Sizemore – Indians
26.  Jacoby Ellsbury – Red Sox
27.  Mike Stanton – Marlins
28.  BJ Upton - Rays
29.  Brett Gardner – Yankees
30.  Shane Victorino - Phillies

The Whys:
  • Bruce will turn 24 the first week of the season and is one of the finest young hitters in the game. His post All-Star stats prove that when he had 15 HR .306  average and a .958 OPS in only 58 games. With the new extension under his belt that covers the next 6 years look for  him in future All-Star games. 
  • Young burst on the scene in 07' with 32 bombs and 27 SB then followed that up with seasons of 22/14 and 15/11 until last year when he got back on track joining the 25/25 club. He is a guy who never hits for average but does possess the always wanted power/speed combo. Last year he hit much better at home than on the road.
  • Stubbs also burst on the scene last year with a great 22/30 power speed combo. The Reds batted him lead off for a portion of the season, which I disagree with but that's Dusty (bad manager) Baker for you. If he can find himself a spot more down in the order expect a bump in RBI. Stubbs never showed this type of power in the Minors so its debatable if he can repeat a 20+ HR performance. 
  • Hunter may be getting older but he was the prototypical power/speed guy for over a decade. Twice he achieved 20/20 status and 5x he eclipsed 20/15. Still solid and reliable in any format with a career .803 OPS in over 6000 ABs.
  • Sizemore may be coming off micro-fracture surgery but just 3 years ago he was considered a lock for multiple 30/30 seasons and  the top outfielder in fantasy. At 28 he is still in the prime of his career. Look for a Comeback Player of the Year Award.
  • Ellsbury is one of the fastest guys in baseball. Probably came back too early from injuries last year only to re-aggravate them. He is one season away from hitting .301 with 70SB. Not sure if he bats lead-off or 9th but with that line up expect a load of runs being scored.
  • Stanton may the best candidate in baseball to have a 50 HR season before the decade ends. Still young but he will show glimpses of things to come this year.
  • Upton (B.J. version) needs to cut down the Ks and walk slightly more. With Crawford gone he will be given the green light often. If he can get his average up to a respectable .265 he will be a 15/50 guy.
  • Gardner can give you an OBP nearly .400 with 100R and 40 SB with no competition in CF (he will play everyday). He will probably be batting 9th again but he is the best 9th hole hitter in baseball.
  • Victorino (The Flyin' nickname in baseball) gives you a little bit of every thing...100R 15HR 66RBI and 30SB. A solid contribution in every category. Me likey that production.
So...Do you agree, disagree or want to kick me in the knee over this batch of Top 40 Outfielder? Leave a know you want too.

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