Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ADP and Runs Leaders

For our Runs list vs ADP I compiled everyone that contributed at least .5 R per game last year. The list includes 62 players. We have 15 new names that we have not seen as of yet. For those 15 newbies, I placed their names in bold for quick reference. Typically if a player is not a HR threat the Runs category will be lead by players who hit high in the order and/or players with a high OBP because they take many walks and HBP throughout the season. The only 2 players who did not make the cut on our Runs list from our 20, 100, .280 crew were Delmon Young and Corey Hart. They both typically batted 6th in their respective lineups, thus the regression compared to others. The lower in the batting order a player hits tends to lead to a decrease in Runs scored. So target lead off hitters and 2 hole hitters if you want to punch up the Runs category in your league. Just remember certain statistics correlate to one another. Players who steal bases tend to bat higher in the lineup, in front of the heavy hitters, where they score more runs. So guess what is on deck for tomorrow...yep SB leaders.

Albert Pujols1151.2
Mark Teixeira11314.2
Rickie Weeks11240.7
Derek Jeter11147.8
Miguel Cabrera1113.1
Carlos Gonzalez1116.7
Carl Crawford11016.6
Jose Bautista10953.7
Jayson Werth10652.8
Joey Votto1067.1
Robinson Cano1039.7
Austin Jackson103329.4
Ryan Braun10112.3
Aubrey Huff100108.2
Brandon Phillips10034.4
Dan Uggla10052.6
Martin Prado10073.3
Michael Young9977.6
Brett Gardner97229.9
Juan Pierre96131.4
Evan Longoria964.9
Josh Hamilton9511.8
Matt Holliday9522.8
Prince Fielder9422.1
Chris Young94184.1
Andrew McCutchen9450.3
Michael Cuddyer93154.7
Kelly Johnson93113.3
Hunter Pence9385.2
Marco Scutaro92242.5
Hanley Ramirez922.1
Nick Swisher91226.9
Corey Hart91108.7
Drew Stubbs91203.2
Paul Konerko8970.6
Alex Rios8964.9
B.J. Upton8972.2
Troy Tulowitzki894.6
Bobby Abreu88122.1
Joe Mauer8819.6
Elvis Andrus8868.8
Adrian Gonzalez878.6
David Wright879.8
Ryan Howard8715.9
David Ortiz86168.5
Adam Dunn8550.2
Ryan Zimmerman8521.1
Colby Rasmus8595.2
Denard Span85165.6
Adrian Beltre8449.9
Marlon Byrd84363.4
Andres Torres84295.5
Shane Victorino84130.8
Michael Bourn84114.5
Vladimir Guerrero8391.1
Jose Reyes8326.9
Stephen Drew83127.6
Alexei Ramirez83104.6
Jason Heyward8351.2
Matt Kemp8222.7
Johnny Damon81263.9
Shin-Soo Choo8127.8

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