Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 30 SP 21-30

Let’s talk about pitching in general. Everyone knows it doesn't take a mastermind to draft any of the top SP to anchor a fantasy baseball pitching staff. In fact, all managers in your league most likely will have at least one or two aces heading up their rotation. Finding rock-solid pitchers to fill in the hub to back of your rotation, however, is the tricky part. The thing to remember is good pitching is a hot commodity in real-life and fantasy baseball. Depending on the league type you play, rotisserie or head-to-head fantasy baseball, the pitchers you select in the middle to late rounds can make the difference between winning and losing your league. Poor starting pitching from the bottom-half of your staff can drag down your stats. Here is the bulk of my one pitching staff I had last season, I acquired these players through the draft, keepers, and trades. I secured King Felix in trade, Cole Hamels keeper, Yovani Gallardo trade, Dan Haren keeper, and Tommy Hansen drafted.  Needless to say I won Ks, ERA, and Whip. The elusive W was hard to garner with this squad, I finished 9th out of 12. I actually think RP Billy Wagner led my team in wins at the all-star break. I have experience that a large group of managers overlook pitching in general, so be dynamic this year and put a good deal of effort in preparing to draft your Starting Pitchers.

                              My projections for 2011

21. Jered Weaver- Angels143.791.268.1
22. Francisco Liriano-Twins164.121.348.5
23. Ricky Nolasco-Marlins144.051.267.9
24. Shaun Marcum-Brewers143.831.237.1
25 David Price-Rays163.921.347.5
26. Brett Anderson-A's133.891.226.9
27. Chad Billingsley-LAD153.981.367.2
28. Francisco Liriano-Twins154.221.348.6
29. Colby Lewis-Rangers123.851.167.7
30. Matt Cain-Giants153.771.287.1
Bonus Projections:
Daniel Hudson-D'Backs123.881.247.9
Jeremy Hellickson-Rays103.811.228.2

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