Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 15 Catchers

1. Joe Mauer- Twins
2. Buster Posey-Giants
3. Brian McCann-Braves
4. Victor Martinez-Tigers
5. Matt Wieters-Orioles
6. Carlos Santana-Indians
7. Miguel Montero-D'Backs
8. Jorge Posada-Yankees
9. Chris Iannetta-Rockies
10. Kurt Suzuki-A's
11. Mike Napoli-Angels
12. Geovany Soto-Cubs
13. J.P. Arencibia-Jays
14. Russell Martin-Yankees
15. A.J. Pierzynski-White Sox

The Whys:
  • Because Mauer is a former MVP and Batting Champ
  • Posey should bat 3rd all year and put up 80 runs and 80 RBI
  • McCann may not bat cleanup this year with Uggla coming over but with a carreer .849 OPS and entering this year at the magical age of 27 there is plenty of upside.
  • V-Mart in Tigertown will be catching 90 games and DH another 50. A switch hitting catcher with 20+ HR capability...I will take that.
  • Wieters has been praised for the last 2 years as the this will be his time to shine. With Showalter at the helm and some decent aquisitions batting around him, plus a healthy Brian Roberts, now the Orioles could be in a position to put up some runs. He should bat 6th this year which will give him plenty of RBI chances as long as Jones, Markakis, DLee, and Scott can get on.
  • Santana showed all his skills last year in limited time. Will he start the season healthy? If he is still on the board in round 10 he is mine.
  • Montero in 09' had 30 doubles, 16 HR, and batted .294 in 130 games. He returns to that form in 2011. Is the D'Backs offense any good? Not really, but Montero can flat out hit.
  • Possada starting DH in that line up...nuff said.
  • Iannetta has the all the advantages to succeed. The friendly park, the big guns at the top, great starting pitching. He needs to relax, accept his role as the 6th or 7th hole hitter, and put up above average numbers. Last year he was down in the minors after 20 games. Lets hope the Rockies give him until June to get it right. I feel he will succeed after what he did late in the year.
  • Suziki will be 27 this year and is a model of consistency. My only drawback is the A's played him nearly 144 games a year over the last 3 years. Give the guy a few starts at DH every month and he will put up a line like he did in 2009

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