Thursday, May 17, 2012

DH Winners and Losers During Interleague Play

With 8 AL teams moving to NL parks this weekend most will have to make adjustments for their DH. In those cases it affects Fantasy Teams too. Here is what I see playing out for the eight teams.
 In Chicago Robin Ventura has already stated Dunn will play LF which is bad news for Dayan Viciedo owners. 
Boston travels to Philadelphia and the hot hitting Ortiz will not get a start at 1B. Look for him to get 1 AB as a pinch hitter in every game though. You should fill your UTIL spot this weekend with another player besides Ortiz.
In Houston look for Texas to move Young to either 1B or 3B giving Beltre a day off. Moreland will be the odd man out most likely this weekend.
The Twins go into the Beer City and will have to see if the recently activated Morneau can play 1B. I personally would think he sits more this weekend than he plays.
Seattle will get Olivo back but look for Montero to get 2 if not all 3 starts behind the plate in Colorado.
The Angels and Morales owners could be the biggest losers this weekend. Kendrys will not play 1B with Pujols healthy and probably even if he is not healthy.
Orioles go to DC and will have the hardly owned Nick Johnson sitting.
When Oakland travels across the Bay, Kila may get a start at 1B but since he is scarcely owned it is no real impact to fantasy teams.


  1. You should write a post about the NL teams playing in AL the Mets...who have that extra bat off the bench to play DH (unlike the Mets)

  2. Its a little more murky trying to predict what NL teams will do as far as the DH. Most regulars will get a day off in the field and fill in at DH. But I can make som predictions. Thanks for the response.