Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Confidence in Colby?

Is it time to own Rasmus again? Some are still clinging to hope he brings back his numbers from 2010. His last week got me to consider him once again. Over his last 7 games his slash line is 9/27 with 3R, 2HR, 5RBI and 2SB. Overall he is hitting .234 with 18R, 5HR, 20RBI and 5SB. Those numbers put him as the 75th best OF to date. That’s not what fantasy players are looking for.

Like I stated earlier his 2010 numbers are still in the back of everyone’s mind and in the front of some because he is still owned in 32% of leagues. A season hitting .276 with an OPS of .859 that included 23HR and 12 SB is what keeps him on everyone’s radar. Some even remember the 5 tool phenom from High School when he broke Bo Jackson’s Alabama HR record. Then went on to be the Cardinals’ 1st round pick n 2005.

He is still only 25 and may still put it together but it will take at least a month of consistent hitting to make me pull the trigger on him this year. I do like the power speed combo he possess and has shown in the past but one must think he is missing something in the mental part of the game to bring it all together on a constant week in week out basis. The pros over the last month are that he has increased his walk and decreased his strikeouts. Some of the higher projections for him this year were a 25/85 guy with 15 SB. Like I said “the high projections”. My projections were as follows: 55/15/54/.265/9 which to date still seem inline from what he has accomplished through the first 40+ games. Rasmus may be useable due to injuries on your team so keep him pegged as a bench player for the time being.

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