Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Will It Be Rizzo Time?

By Corey R. Cunningham

Anthony Rizzo is still raking at AAA Iowa, and only time or injury will tell when Rizzo will get the nod to be in the MLB lineup with the Cubs. With Rizzo, it is not if he will get called up, however, it is when, and some insight with yahoo last week, had a ring in peoples ear about possibly getting the call during Interleague play.

The Cubs play @ Minnesota, Friday June 8th through June 10th, against Detroit June 12th through June 14th, against his old team the RedSox June 15th through the June 17 and @ Southside rivals the White Sox June 18th through June 20th. Rizzo more than likely will play against Minnesota and the White Sox and will occupy the DH role during these games, or swap positions with LaHair and play 1B. I imagine Rizzo will play against Boston at least one game at 1B to give LaHair a day off.

Rizzo hit his 15th HR of the year last night with AAA Iowa. His MILB stat lines sit as this:

43 G, 165 AB, 32 R, 58 H, 10 2B, 1 3B, 15 HR, 42 RBI, 115 TB, with a .352 BA and a .697 SLG

If you have Rizzo, keep him stashed as now is the time to get ready to make room for him in your everyday lineup in June. Make adjustments, make a trade or two, make a cut as well, you want Rizzo in your lineup.

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