Thursday, May 10, 2012

The following players will gain position eligibility by the end of the week in many formats. Some interesting developments include Liddi for Seattle gaining 1B eligibility; Sogard in Oakland could pick up SS eligibility, and the speedy Lillibridge at 3B. To me position flexibility is key in daily leagues giving you the ability to slide in additional players during off days, day games after night games when some regulars get a day off, and any hole you have in your line-up due to injury. Some of these players could become valuable assets to your bench moving forward.
No one
Jim Thome                 1 start
Alex Liddi                  1 start
Justin Turner              2 starts
Greg Dobbs               2 starts
Andy Parrino              1 start
Don Murphy               1 start
Eduardo Escobar        1 start
Eric Sogard                 2 starts
Brent Lillibridge          1 start
Jason Donald              2 start
Joe Mather                 2 starts
Will Rhymes               2 starts
No one
Brandon Allen             2 starts

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