Sunday, January 23, 2011

ADP and Batting Average Leaders

While looking at last years BA leaders I decided to make the cut for our observation at .280 (surprisingly no one hit at .280). I felt .280 was a good benchmark because most standard 5x5 leagues have a team win the BA stat category with an average at or very near the.280 mark. If you did not realize this figure, that is what you should be shooting for to win your BA category. Yes, some may be higher but you will not be hurt if you can consistently approach that level. 54 players hit above .280 last year. That is less than 2 per each MLB team, it really was the year of the pitcher. BA is not a category I target early in drafts but am aware of if I am on the fence between a couple of players in the mid to late rounds. One good stat beyond the BA is the BABIP (Batting average for balls in play). If you are not familiar with it its time to learn...everyone else in your league will be. This stat shows just how lucky a player was for any given year for balls hit into play, this excludes Ks. Anyhooo here are the players that hit +.280 last year and their ADP. Tomorrow we will look at all the players that have made our list for 100+RBI, 20+HR, +.280BA I think we smell some value.

Josh Hamilton0.35911.8
Carlos Gonzalez0.3366.7
Miguel Cabrera0.3283.1
Joe Mauer0.32719.6
Joey Votto0.3247.1
Adrian Beltre0.32149.9
Omar Infante0.321292.3
Robinson Cano0.3199.7
Billy Butler0.31883.9
Troy Tulowitzki0.3154.6
Ichiro Suzuki0.31532.5
Matt Holliday0.31222.8
Paul Konerko0.31270.6
Albert Pujols0.3121.2
Martin Prado0.30773.3
Carl Crawford0.30716.6
Ryan Zimmerman0.30721.1
Ryan Braun0.30412.3
Victor Martinez0.30229.2
Starlin Castro0.3156.2
Hanley Ramirez0.32.1
Vladimir Guerrero0.391.9
Shin-Soo Choo0.327.8
Delmon Young0.298104.1
Placido Polanco0.298306.3
Adrian Gonzalez0.2988.6
Nick Markakis0.297103.9
Scott Podsednik0.297347.3
Jayson Werth0.29652.35
Evan Longoria0.2944.9
Marlon Byrd0.293363.4
Austin Jackson0.293329.4
Andre Ethier0.29238.6
Angel Pagan0.29276.3
Aubrey Huff0.29107.4
Nick Swisher0.288226.9
Jeff Keppinger0.288N/A
Dan Uggla0.28752.6
Andrew McCutchen0.28650.3
Casey McGehee0.285107.9
Scott Rolen0.285196.1
Luke Scott0.284347.8
Adam Jones0.284186.7
Alex Rios0.28464.9
Rajai Davis0.284290.7
Kelly Johnson0.284113.5
Michael Young0.28477.6
Corey Hart0.283110.1
David Wright0.2839.8
Jose Reyes0.28226.9
Alexei Ramirez0.282104.6
Hunter Pence0.28285.3
Torii Hunter0.28194.4
Jay Bruce0.28179.6

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