Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mock Draft Analysis

 Going into the draft I wanted to target power and starting pitching early and basically punt on C. I was happy with the players that fell to me in each of the first 6th rounds. I was able to secure power in rounds 1 & 2 with Tulo and Howard. Though I wanted Dunn and had him projected one spot higher than Howard I took Howard (on name recognition knowing he would not be available later) hoping I could get Dunn for my CI slot in the next round. That strategy lasted one pick as Dunn went directly after I picked Howard.
   The next two picks I targeted pitching and wanted King Felix and Cliff Lee. I was able to secure Felix and then watched Lee go one pick before me in round 4. Sticking with my plan I took Sabathia next.
   For my next pick I wanted the best available infielder on the board and was surprised Kinsler was still available. I had Kinsler, Uggla, and Beltre on my radar. Uggla and Beltre went a few picks before me so I took Kinsler and was happy. Thinking ahead for round 6 I was mulling over all possible 3B and CI with power. Then, when I was on the clock, I decided Konerko was the best power hitter left in the draft so I grabbed him.
   Round 7 started with 2 top RP coming off the board. As you know from my previous post on closers I like to dominate this position. I took my personal favorite closer, Mr. Carlos Marmol (love the Ks and saves combo). When round 8 approached I knew I needed an OF who could contribute in stats across the board. By this time over two dozen OF were off the board and I was contemplating Markakis, Stubbs, Hunter, and Young. I went with who I thought would be the only .300 hitter so I snagged Markakis. For the next round I was still worried about filling my 3B slot. There was the highly touted Alvarez, often injured Aramis, and K leader Mark Reynolds still available. I then noticed nearly everyone had already taken a 3B so I  decided to wait at least one more round before securing my 3B. I then shifted gears and looked over OF and starting thinking...get SB get SB...Pierre, Bourne or future comeback player of the year Grady Sizemore. I took Sizemore ( previously a top 20 pick back in the day)  in round 9. By round 10 two more 3B went off the board and I was thinking "am I the only one without a 3B now". What to do in this round? Speed? More pitching? A catcher...ah hell no! I decided between Huff, Adam Jones, Quentin, and Gardner. I pulled the trigger on Huff. Now have an outfield of Markakis, Sizemore, Huff...not great but solid contributors.
   In round 11 I thought Reynolds for 3B was a no brainer and a great pick, remember he went top 20 in drafts last year. For round 12 I saw Brian Roberts was still available to fill my MI slot. I like to have a lead off hitter who will put up R and SB in my MI slot. He fit the bill so took him. His back problems are a thing of the past, right? (trying to convince myself) OK...I took Wieters with my next pick, I guess I believe all the hype about his potential and it is round 13, not tooooo early for a catcher. Round 14 I wanted some speed so I went with Pagan...he better have a starting job and continue to bat lead-off.
   That covers my thoughts on rounds 1-14 for my team. Lets now look at who I think went too early across the board. I saw Mauer go in round 2 and just can not grasp why people want a 9 HR 75 RBI guy that early. Yes, he might be the best C in the draft but not a top 20 pick. Jimmy Rollins in round 3 was a waste. I got Roberts in round 12 who could challenge Rollins in every counting stat this year. Nelson Cruz was the 6th OF off the board and Ethier was the 9th. Both came off in round 3 waaaaaayyy to early for my tastes. Brandon Phillips and Rickie Weeks went before my Kinsler pick, that makes say hmmmm. In round 5 & 6 Werth goes before Pence, Bruce, Heyward and Upton. Not all that bad just that I am not that high on Werth in that line up this year.
   Did anything jump out at you in this draft? Do you want to take me to task on any of my picks so far? We will cover the 2nd half of that draft tomorrow. I have been invited to join in another mock draft being sponsored by the boys at Fantasy Game Day on 2/2/2011. I will keep you posted.

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