Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 20 3B

Position eligibility for hitters is determined by a minimum of 20 games played at that position the previous season. All of our rankings are based on 5×5, standard league settings. We totally realize that most of you have customizable league settings and many of you play in keeper leagues – but we had to set a guideline for our rankings at some point, right?

My rankings for 3B this year are much closer than previous years. Most perts are saying 3B is shallow again this year. I disagree. In most 12 team leagues you should be able to draft a successful producing 3B in your draft. While I have Bautista ranked the best 3B, this will be his last year with 3B eligibility, and A-Rod at #12 the production between 1-12 is not that far off. I have Bautista ranked 8th overall on my 300+ player rankings and I have A-Rod at 92. That gives you an 8 round cushion to find that 3B to fill out your roster. This year’s drafts will not have many 3B filling in at the CI position, that spot will be dominated mostly by 1B. Personally I am targeting Brett Lawrie in all drafts. I see him as a definite 20/20 guy. No one at 3B has done that since Mark Reynolds in 2009. Look for David Wright to get a bump up in production due to the fences being moved in at CitiField. Other players like Michael Young, Jed Lowrie, Martin Prado and Mark Reynolds may lose 3B eligibility after this year. We also must keep tabs on the youngsters like Moustakes, Chisenhall, and Valencia. Can they move into the top 10 of 3B by the end of the season?

Jose Bautista
Evan Longoria
Ryan Zimmerman
Pablo Sandoval
Adrian Beltre
David Wright
Brett Lawrie
Michael Young
Aramis Ramirez
Mark Reynolds
Kevin Youkilis
Alex Rodriguez
Ryan Roberts
Martin Prado
David Freese
Danny Valencia
Mike Moustakes
Jed Lowrie
Chase Headley
Lonnie Chisenhall

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